Guess who it is ?
  • Hi All,

    one off-topic..

    In our group, we have a person who got first prize for his painting
    in a competition held in Anna University. The judge was.............
    yeah, it was our honourable MR. Maniyam Selvan!!!!

    Guess who is that GREAT paniter ??!!

  • I would place my money on Pavithra and Gokul:-)
  • Dear all...

    > > I would place my money on Pavithra and Gokul:-)
    >and you would lose it :)
    >it's neither of them

    Amen to that. With respect to me, anyway:-))

    So...who's this talented painter? Who? Who?? Who???

  • Well....
    Is that you, Sathya?
  • Ha ha ha :))

    Great Joke!!!!!!!!!!
    Ippadi yellam kooda enna paththi nenankkaravanga irukkangala ????!!!!

    Suyavilambara Piriyai allaatha,
  • Hi All,

    Is our group almost frozen ?!!
    It seems so..
    Only some messages now and then...
    Slog overs-la kalakkarEnnu sonnavarum romba busy pola ??

    So, I am just rekindling the same stuff,
    Who is the GREAT painter who got the prize from Maniyam Selvan ?

    Sariya solravangalukku, avarudaiya painting onru parisaaga
    alikkappadum :P - appadinnu eathaavathu sonnathaan solluveengala ?!

    Try guessing :)

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