Suggestion for TAMIL in PS
  • Dear Venkatesh,
    If you have g mail account, you can transfer this tamil murasu font mail to gmail, where we can see tamil fonts clearly.

    one more suggestion

    WHY NOT A GMAIL GROUP FOR PONNIYIN SELVAN - I think it will suit more to English as well Tamil writers in the group. And most importantly, the subject will have a clear continuity.

    As Vaiththi says (or conveys), we can express lot, still efficiently in Tamil than english.

    Moderators may think over this subject. Changes need not be taken at a stretch. but slow by slow
  • I would suggest all of us to install unicode (which, in some cases comes with default Windows installation)

    if we have unicode installed then we can read mails written in தமிழ் in any mail client( i mean that we can also read in yahoo and not only in gmail.)

    currently only internet explorer supports unicode without any further tweaks... i.e. reading unicode tamil font in firefox is an headache since it doesnt support complex shapes...

    for typing in tamil have a look here...

    it is the EASIEST way to type in tamizh as far as i know....

    if u just type the whole content in the page mentioned above and do a COPY PASTE into mail and then u can send... and now we can read tamizh mails...

    i hope it helps....

    have fun
  • i think its better to communicate in english... and i agree with
    mr.vengketraaman idea... we can share more ideas when we get communicate in
    tamil and start a group that able to wrote and read in tamil...

  • No offense. but time seems to be a factor to get emails going in tamil. its more easier to type in english and get the content out.
    Many of us are busy people and for some reason, i personally feel that a few may not contribute as much as they do now if time to deliver a message is time consuming.
    Just a suggestion, lets keep typing in english, however those who do wish to type in Tamil, I would be envious that they are able to write in the beautiful language, and enjoy reading them...
  • I also vote for Dhivakar for starting our group on gmail.

  • Dear Ram
    Thtas a great suggestion but a good few of us use the machines in the office where you are not allowed to install programmes so for the greater good of all could people sending it in tamil send a translation as well...If not like Venkatesh has said we ll miss valuable postings
  • Hi All,

    For starters, we can try dual-language mails. At least we have a global reach of english and we can try improving and improvising our tamil language capabilities too, which of late is seeing a huge downtrend among english-language educated people.
  • Dear SPS,

    > Can we try a gmail account and link it with present Yahoo PS Group and
    > see the reaction ?

    I have a question here. What you guys meant by using gmail? Sending
    and receiving Yahoo group mails or moving the group to Google groups?

    To use gmail you don't need to move Ponniyin Selvan Yahoo Group, just
    go to your edit membership and add your gmail account (sign up if you
    don't have one) and you can send and receive through your gmail
    account (that is what few of our members already doing). The advantage
    is, it keeps all the conversations as a thread which is very useful if
    you just want to read messages by subject and reduce your inbox mails.

    I assume you meant the first one. Second one will be an issue if you
    have to migrate all the messages.
  • Thiru.Thiru,

    Enakkuthan thiru thirunnu irukku.

    Request Sridhar Venkat Yourself to decide on my behalf.

    My vote goes with the majority.

  • ok. But somebody already taken ponniyinselvan group name from
    googlegroups, could be one of our members.

    I tried importing one of the messages, I think we can migrate all messages.

    Group, please let me know your inputs on migrating to google groups.
  • Thiru,

    I guess it is me who created that long time back. But I could not
    remember the password or the answer to the secret question. Will try
    to retrive it and send it.
  • ok, take your time.

    But as per our members post, I think we wanted to use googlegroups for
    Tamil font, if we are not going to use tamil fonts, then googlegroups
    is not option anymore and we don't need to migrate all the messages.

    Group, please correct me if I am wrong.

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