• Dear Friends,

    couple of days and just returned.

    UDUPI - Docile village. Serene Krishna.. I relish Krishna more here
    than even in Brindavan or Mathura.

    MOOKAMBIGA :: Miracle making Goddess always.

    Five years back, I visited this temple. Among about 5000 devotees
    one R.... Adiga identified me and asked me and my family to have
    special Darshal as ordered by HER ! We had Ekantha darshan and I felt
    a ray of blessings on me. When we came out it drizzled. We had good
    fud thanked Adiga and returned. My personal occupation thrived very
    much afterwards.

    Last Friday evening we entered the temple sanctum with another Adiga.
    We had good undisturbed darshan. Suddenly one ADIGA came from behind,
    called me and family. We stood just infront of Goddess. He opened
    the covered LINGA and showed.. Everyone of us was thrilled. And gave
    us one CLOTH worn to Deity... Came out of the Sanctum in Ecstacy.. I
    was called inside again by another priest, who offered prasadh etc.
    Asked him who was this Adiga who uncovered Lingam: Told me HE was the
    same R... ADIGA. Approached him and told him 5 years back he made
    special darshan for Us. He replied NOW ALSO DEVI ORDERED ME TO DO

    SRINGERI : Excellent. Serene.. memorable.

    BELUR / HALABEDU :: Have been visiting for the 7 - 8th time. Always
    Amazing. Will write more on this again.

    Prayed for all of US everywhere..

  • Dear SPS,

    It is really thrilling to read about your MOOKAMBIKA MIRACLE.
    I can guess your feeling when it 'happened' really.

  • SPS - I was 8 years old when I went to Mookambika. The
    drive up got me sick and very uncomfortable with
    cluster headaches. One darshan and the temple sapad
    cured me at one go. I remember as a child, I was
    amazed at my complete recovery.
    God Bless!
  • After successfully completing my special edition on New Mangalore Port, Myself amd my Cochin collegue wanted to visit Kollur Mukambika, always my favourable Devi.
    We engaged a Taxi for next day morning at 3AM and relaxed before night at Hotel Kavita.
    Unfortunately that day a BJP hot leader was murdered by opponent community and suddenly everything got upset down and curfew clamped. Mangalore is now very strong fort for BJP and you can understand the current flown that day among the workers of the party. Yet we have confident on our visit to Mukaambika shrine and we got up as early as 2 AM and waited for the Taxi. I have got a call from my Mangalore collegue that Taxi Driver won't come and he even advised me to stop going that side because in the main route of NH, the slained leader's village was there. Yet we have tried our best through Hotel Manager, but failed with every one that odd time of very early hours. Infact we have accepted our fate of our unlucky too and even went for bed for some rest.

    Within 10 minutes to our surprise, the hotel mamanger called us and informed us one driver has come and we can avail his service. We felt happy to take any sort of risk as we believe Devi. No vehicle was there in the highway and no body was seen in enroute upto Udipi Y centre except the area of Village of that slained leader. There were plenty of CRPF personel having machine guns and armoured cars by the side of high was. We have seen that no body even bothered to stop our car and enquired. Without any difficult we have gone to Udipi where every body asked us with surprise how we crossed the barricade.

    We had a wonderful and unforgettable dharshan at Mukaambika (a special one with MGR' donated Diamond VaaL") and Linga and while return too we have taken the same route. Certainly we were travelling with fear but at the same time with belief. Again only ours' one vehicle that crossed again that village again no question.

    Wonderful experience.

    Dear SPS,
    The linga dharshan was a special one and many do not know the speciality on this. You are very fortunate. When I went first time I had a dharshan of Devi and immersed myself with the Divine power. Suddenly the pujari there stopped me and asked me to stay. They removed the golden plates and performed Abishekam to Linga with water first and with Milk again. I even asked the pujaris why they are not informing the bhaktaas of importance of Linga in front of Devi regularly.
    The Linga is also Jyotirlingam (but not listed in twelve), which I came to know later.

    Yes. Mookambika and Miracles go each other.
    As for as I know, she has changed the greatest two, one MGR and other is Ilayaraja, both were favouries of Tamils for long long time.

  • Amazing divine intervention.

    Can you give driving directions / hotel details as
    well ?
  • Thank you sir for your prayers. Sure we are blessed, with you among us in our life's journey.
  • Your experience is scintillating Dhivakar sir!!!
  • Hi
    There is a guest house run by Ramakrishna Joshi/Gajanana Joshi (also archakas) . Ratna guest house- good clean rooms even a/c rooms available. This is very close to the temple.
    Phone no: 08254- 258219 (may be you'll have to add a 2 in front- not sure).
    They'll also arrange -on request a 4wheel drive to drive up the Kudachadri hills atop which Adi Sankara is s'posed to have done Tapas. You may have to foot it up the last couple of kms.
    For any more details ,info / other interesting places in South Karnataka , let me know I can send you mail to ur id.
  • Thank you Shobha for the information
  • Thank you so much.

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