can someone explain this phrase to me
  • Neeye than punar kavirik kizhavanai
    kaviri purakku nan naattup porunaga
    kaviri purakku nAdu kizha vOn

    Puram viii,i
    silap xxvii (nirppadai)

    this is a reference to kaveri

    also mentioning her as "chozhar than kula kodi" ( which is

    but what does this mean -"ThandamizpAvai" ( one who this
    a reference to her frequent floods - chola nadu being called punal
    nadu?? land of floods)
  • ThandamizpAvai is a joint word. Than + Thamizh + Pavai

    Than �� thanindha (Cool)
    Thamiz �� Tamil
    Paavai �� Pen (Girl)

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