My Arabic Sea Experiance at Aadu Meichan paarai
  • Submerged structures at arabic sea near by kadiapatinam of kaniyakumari

    Just returned from nagarkovil after suceessfully pointed the submerged
    structures of thoorani 1.67 nautical miles from the shore inside sea
    at the depeth of 14 mar (4.5.feet per mar) near pudur of kaniyakumari
    discovered 3 sites with the help of kuliyalis(divers) matched with the
    remote sensing figures.

    we had a full survey from managudi to irvan puthan thurai.

    Dr.S.Padmanaban,sentee natarajan and localwell wishers are
    accomponied with us.

    next survey will be done during end of november with under water

    If any one need sea photographes kindly send a mail to me.

    whole trips are blessed with amazing ocean nature

    S.Balasubramani B+ve
    Camp Chennai
  • Congrats on the trip and all the very best to you sir.
  • Excellent achievement.... Hope you will soon bring the
    structures out. Any help you need, just post to this
    group. Lets all see how we can help you collectively.
  • Ooops! My last message escaped before I could convey my congratulations to you.

    Congratulations Sir! All the very best for more success.
  • Dear Balasubramani,
    Great work from you. Could you please let me know if could provide any monetary support or any help in this regard?
    Do you know if anybody doing work on Submerged continent "Kumari Kandam"?

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