Anybody from bangalore ??
  • Hi All,

    Anybody from bangalore here??

    Please let me know where can we get tamil books in bangalore..I could see some of tamil books in Higginbothams in M.G road. But could not get ponniyin selvan....
  • Any Indian dot com is a good site. I buy from there as there are no
    good shops in BLR.
  • :-( Thanks for the reply anyway...

    I could get it from udumalai,anyindian.. but need in 2 days for gifting...thats y
  • -Hi

    bangolore members had a meet sometime back at forum

    deepa is there,
    suganya an an active bangalore member is in the states now.

    now swetha is there, married and learning to cook. perhaps she has
    forgotten that ponniyin selvan exisits let alone the group
    new members should view her postings in the archives. so knowledgable.

    Kns is there and of course the founder of the group ram is bangalore

  • Bangalore meet happening anytime in near future?

    ~ Udanx
  • Hello Folks - Plan a Bangalore meeting over a
    week-end. Perhaps a Saturday/Sunday afternoon.
    Let me know
  • >Hello Folks - Plan a Bangalore meeting over a
    >week-end. Perhaps a Saturday/Sunday afternoon.
    >Let me know

    Saturday afternoon is fine for me.

    >Bangalore meet happening anytime in near future?
    > >
    We had at least two meetings so for, the first one
    at Forum and the second one at Barrista on St. Marks
    Road. Though I could attend just the first one, I
    could only speak to the members over phone on the
    second occasion.

    > > Please let me know where can we get Tamil
    > > books in Bangalore..

    It is indeed sad that we cannot get the latest (and
    old)Tamil books in the numerous book stalls here. We
    can always place orders with the book stalls and get
    them in a few days time.
  • Saturday is fine ... But where do we meet and by what time? Kindly let us

    ~ Udanx
  • Guys better will make 6th or 7th of october. Will make it in cafe?

    Muhilan V

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