accolades for Ram
  • Hi
    Ram is the founder of this group.
    taking an avathar as Lalitha Ram he authored a book on a musical
    giant GNB.
    the book review has come in ananda vikadan today.
    the review " wonders at the depth of his musical knowledge."

    congrats Ram.

  • Congrats Ram. we are proud of you.

    I am just wondering why it took almost 9 months for this review to
    appear. The book was released in Jan, right?
  • Congrats Ram

  • Hello Ram - heartiest congrats! Deepa
  • I had downloaded a book "A Karnatic Music primer" by Mr. P. Sriram. I am
    curious whether both Rams are the same. That book is also very
    informative and extremely well written.

    Congratulations to Founder Ram.

  • Congratulations Ram.
  • Hi


    Dr. Parthasarathy Sriram, is an aerospace engineer, with a bachelors
    degree from IIT, Madras (1982) and a Ph.D. from Georgia Institute of
    Technology where is currently a research engineer in the Dept. of
    Aerospace Engineering.

    there is also a V. Sriram who wrote "Carnatic summmer" and writes for
    the hindu, and the madras musings. sriram conducts heritage wallks
    aimed a musically important places in chennai.


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