Krishna Jayanthi / Sri Jayanthi / Jenmashtami wishes to all
  • With best wishes

    starting from onam onwards festival season only upto pongal.

    i was told once that during autumn and winter when daylight is lesser
    and nights are longer, people get lethargic and depressed.
    its just not a co in cidence that all our festivals are during this
    time. bright lamps, dance and song, sugary prasad- what more do we
    need to perk up our psyche.

    best wishes all

  • Happy Festival Season to All!
  • May this festival season bring joy to all....
  • Hi all,

    Happy Gokulashtami to all the PS members. The festival also gets mention in PS, in the first part, and even helps our hero VD to enter Pazhayarai by hoodwinking Pazhuvettarayar's men who are on the look-out for him after his grand escape from Tanjavur fort. And Kalki, in his inimitable style, weaves the festivities into the novel as only he can.


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