Sons of the Sun - Chola
  • Dear all....

    Mani, you're doing a lot of valuable work- we could start discussions on all
    this material, once all the typing/viewing is finished, right?

    G...your mail was very interesting. I've also wondered about the titles
    Rajakesari and Parakesari...but I believed that it was a bit like calling
    Alexander 'The Great' - it needn't have been a king's name. Or so I thought.

    Sri...I've read that Madurai- our current Madurai- was originally called
    'Vada Madurai'- because, earlier, so many centuries ago, there used to be a
    'Then Madurai'- which was later submerged in the sea. Was the submerged city
    the twin of the present Madurai? Hmmm...

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