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  • hi
    the forthcomming issue (by this weekend) of Frontline (brought by The
    Hindu) has an interesting article (10 pages) on an aspect of chola art.
    Special notice to S.Gokul.
  • Sublime manifestations of art brought forth by connoisseurs.

    I remember frontline carried a series called rediscovering indian
    paintings couple of years back where they compared/contrasted the
    cave paintings of ajanta caves ( 2Century bc), Badami ( 6th cent),
    Kanchipuram temple murals (7century) with the big temple ( 11th

    sure Gokul will like to come up with up a comparison between the
    works in the latest images below with the sigiriya paintings/ajanta
    cave works.

    Being an amateur at this i take the liberty to draw some comparisons.

    they all seem to be painted in water colours on dry plaster on the
    walls of the rock-carved rooms and galleries - surely both the later
    day works have drawn inspiration from ajanta/classical Gupta art.

    The big temple paintings are similar to the Ajanta paintings,
    executed with free flowing confident strokes, though the ajanta
    works predominatly illustrate Buddhist narratives, both of them
    depict crowded scenes of people filling up the entire canvas.
    antoher important feature is that all the subjects drawn frame the
    main subject of the painting with their eye focus.

    The big temple works are more refined in terms of proporations and
    contors and the full, sensual forms of the figures are created by
    the soft lines of the contours and by the interplay of colour,
    light, and shade, which accentuates the shapes and creates subtle
    effects in the expressions of the people. The big temple drawings
    are also richly adorned with ornaments and headgear and seem to fill
    all available space in the panels.

    In contrast the the figures from Sigiriya display simplicity. The
    paintings contain less variety of colour and place more emphasis on
    outline n style. The focus of the painting is as a whole ( maybe due
    to loss of a large part of them maybe we are seeing only the fringe
    fill ins)

    One more things with eyes : notice the portrayal of eyes - the
    indian style is more expansive and expressive ( sometimes even a bit
    out of proportion) whereas the sigiriya ones are more
  • cool, lucky you tobe able to attend such programs.

    check these links as well

    sorry to flood your mail boxes.
  • Thanks Sriraman. I'll look forward to it. Missing Museum visit.

    > hi
    > the forthcomming issue (by this weekend) of Frontline (brought by The
    > Hindu) has an interesting article (10 pages) on an aspect of chola art.
    > Special notice to S.Gokul.
  • Dear All
    Freat articles...its makes me really proud to say that I know two of
    them personally who made this happen
    Satyamoorthy Sir ans Sriraman sir...Well Done we are all proud of you
  • Wow wonderful article. Really a wonderful feat, in a very difficult
    working condition.
  • Dear PSG members

    we all should really admire and appreciate the fantastic work executed by ASI Team lead by S A Sathyamoorthy sir , Asstt. S A P.S Raman sir and N. Thyagarajan and shri Kanniappan in revealing / making the lost Chola Frescos of circa 1000-14 AD to every one,s reach.

    G.Santhana Krishnan

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