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  • Dear All
    Kathir and Nanda our new members
    A warm welcome to you both

    [email protected]
    I want to be a member of this group as I know about ponniyin selvan
    nanda_kvi [email protected]

    Hi, i'm nandakumar working with Infosys, chennai. i have read
    ponniyinselvan lots of times and so i was driven to become a member of
    this group.
  • > Dear All
    > Introducing
    > Kathir and Nanda our new members
    > A warm welcome to you both
  • Dear all
    Introducing more new members
    Welcome to the great world of Ponniyin Selvan

    Hi I'am a great fan of ponniyin selvam...

    i dont to read or tamil. but i always get fasinated my tamil
    histroy...pls allow me in...

    Please allow me to join this group.

    I am interested in tamil history and the trip you go

    i already finished this story myself and more interested in tamil and
    it old culture and soon..

    I am a fan of kalki since a very long time and i have a great
    interest in his work "Ponniyin Selvan". So i wish to join this

    Six years before I read Ponniin Selvan, but i cant forget that. that
    time i had lived in Chola samrajyam.Now i am hear about ur people
    works. I wants know more about that.

    I am big fan of Kalki's ponniyin selvan. I read that novel 4 times. I
    want to share my feelings about this novel

  • Dear SPS & other members,

    This is Udankar (Not a maharastrian, Pakka Tamizhian) my native is Dindigul.

    I joined thsi group very recently,

    There are a couple of reasons for remaining a silent member.

    1. I am yet to complete the first 500 mails in this group, which was
    mentioned in the welcome mail.

    2. I cant post questions in a league of Ganapadigal (For the sake of people
    who cant appriciate who is a Ganapadigal. They are the people who have read
    the Vedas upside down, They chant the Vedas with single swara, combination
    of two, then in the combinations of 3 and so on. In simple language, people
    who know very well what they are doing / talking / discussing) I am a chotta
    Bacha in this group. I have read Ponniyin Selvan only twice. Once in 97 and
    again a couple of years back and you guys have read PS like a Ganabadigal.
    Naan patukku yedhavadhu siru pillai thanama kelvikekka, makkal
    kochundutta-na yenna pannaradhu.

    But I do read all the mails, and havinga good time.
  • Welcome Udankar,

    Ellam "kaatchi pizhai" thaan.
    Summa uttalakkadikku oru kelvi onnu kettu vaiyunga; enna maadhiri responses
    varumo yaarukkum puriyaadhu.
    Cycle gap-la sindhu paadidunga.
  • Ha.. Murugs after a gap.. ippathan sandhu kedichithu pola.. sindhu

    Udankar, Welcome to the group. YOu have read PS twice? I have read
    only once long time back, started reading for the second time and
    got stuck in the 5th part one year ago and still not completed. I
    feel instead of reading that for a second time, I can use that time
    to read some new book :)

    So you have all the qualification to write in this group. See
    without anything I have written such a long mail...

    As Muruganandham said, ask any question, you will get weird answers.
    It need not be related to PS, just give a alibi that its related to
    Tamil history or culture and you are free to ask any question.

    For example, you can even ask, what will be the situation if cinema
    was invented during RRC's period, which herione would have topped
    the list? ( see this is a fully qualified question in this group,
    because for the simple reason that I have used RRC's name...hehe...
    eppadi en samarthiyam).

    So dont feel shy and keep writing.

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