May 12 and 13th Trip
  • Dear SPS, Venkatesh, Swetha,

    Are we planning for the 12th and 13th trip that we discussed? Its
    already 3rd and we need to work on this if it still on.
  • Thambi sathishaa

    veyila paarthaayaa?

  • Sir,

    Idha thaane sir naan appave sonnen.
    Oru Enthu-la neenga ellaarum ennai vaari vitteenga.

    Naattila nalla vishayam sonna kekkave maateengalae..
  • Dear all,

    As much as am interested in doing the trip.I am also concerned
    about others and my health!!

    Being my first summer in Chennai, am already sweating-o-sweating

    Won't it be good if we can make the trip with at least the Agni natchatram's

    (Also I got a test on this Sunday, the 13th!!)

    Kindly respond


  • Hi,

    Whats this trip?I am new to this group.

  • Kindly confirm back if this trip is fixed. I am going to MAdurai on
    11th and I was planning to travel overnight to reach Chidambaram to
    meet our members there to get along in this trip. Kindly let me know,
    or else I need to plan my return tickets. Unreserved is OK to bear for
    changing buses upto Chidambaram, but one single journey back to Chennai
    from Madurai is torturous.

    Pls confirm
  • Dear SPS,

    Ha Ha.

    Lord venky created too many Balaji's to be same!!!

    Can you tell me whether the trip is still scheduled to happen?

    Kind regards,



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