ps animation movie
  • Hi,

    I had visualized the trailer like this during my college days.

    1. The opening would be the brewing pandya plan about killing
    Aditya, Arulmozhi and Sundra.
    2. Vandiyathevan's entry with Kundavai, his journey to Lanka and
    his meetings with Nandini.
    3. Aditya's ferociousness and fear about Nandini.
    4. His death and VT's capture and his escape.
    5. Uttama's ascesion to throne.
  • Dear Siva
    I would tent to agree with your version with slight changes

    1.A scene of all assembled asking who is the next king in kDambur with VD watching...
    2. the brewing pandya plan about killing
    Aditya, Arulmozhi and Sundra.
    3. Vandiyathevan's escape from chinna pazhuvettayar and his soldiers
    .entry with Kundavai,
    VD and Arulmozhis sword fight
    the ship wreck and strom
    4 his journey to Lanka and
    Nandini's impact on Pazhuvetarayar,Parthibendran,Kandaamaran,VD and AK as shots.
    3. Aditya's ferociousness and fear about Nandini.
    4. Nandini with her sword
    Kundavai holding VD's hand in the prison
  • Hi PS fans,

    It was a pleasure meeting sps sir,venkatesh sir,kasirajan sir and siva.
    thanks sps sir for creating the oppurtunity.i'm still surprised gladly
    on your hospitality.

    And thanks to all the interested minds for ur feedback on the
    compilation of different scenes for the trailor.I'll discuss the same
    with my desingers. We will include the impact creating ones taking the
    time frame into consideration.

    And as a final note, i'm really shocked to see many spam mails coming
    on my name. i feel really sorry to have these coming under my id. for
    those who are getting to their personal ids - kindly delete & block
    it. also pls let me know how to block these from coming to groups -
    any network/techie person can help me.
  • Hi all,

    all the time I was in mute (this group) coz i don't know much about history you all are taking.. Interesting and learning from you all..

    Now when I saw work "Animation" and stuff. I jumped out of my seat. coz this is what i know. and being doing his for last 8 years..

    here is my thoughts.. When ever I hear a theme music of Vallavan following are the screen i would imagine.. thought I don't like the movie. The theam music made a bag impact on me.. in fact I wanted to write a compete storyboard for this..

    Try to play the Vallavan theme music in mind while you the sceen below..

    Screen 1 (when you hear Vallavan starting humm) : Black screen with fad in effect fad to a greenish land when VD raids his horse (first page of PS).. the whole frame must be empty with nature and VD and his horse to be place in the lover right corner. Like the again fad in and fad out. Now we can show all the important characters like how Kalki introduce to us in the book. (need brain storm here)

    Screen 2: (when the music goes with meloday) : there is there we can show the charatore meeting each other for the first time. Like..

    - VD meets KD

    - Vanathi Meets PS

    - Nandhi meets KK


    Screen 3: (when the music is closing with drum beets) we fast the frame rates. And show..clips of..

    -PS original mother when she jumps from the light house

    -Quick sand sceen

    -PS hitting VD first time..

    -Sudra Cholar running toward Pandya kind (who is in big elephant top) and PV bending his back so that Sudra Chzr jump to cut his head..(this sceen can be freezing shoot like matrix)

    -The ending of the sceen can be like KK entering the room where nandhi pleads and he cut the pandya head..(we need not show the head falling (we can show the sward cutting toward the camers..)

    Screen 4: ( last humming of Vallava) camera below the water.. viewing upwards.. we see big elephant swimming across the water and PS in top...with this we end.... With old artistic Tamil font in golden letters.. .PS...

    Could you tell me if the animation is in 2d or 3d ?
  • Dear Jayaprakash,

    wowwwwwwwwwwwwwww.. I would keep on saying that for some time.
    Just wondering are you with Animation film industry or what?? That
    was really too good.

    One small suggestion for adding a scene.
    The starting sequence should contain the scene where Arul Mozhi
    gets rescued from the River Ponni by Mandagini, after all for PS that
    is the incident which gave its name.
  • Hi Guys,

    Thanks for the encouraging feedback...

    BTW, do could forward Mrs. Ezhil's Email I will forward my thought.

    Let me give a brief intro...I was graphic specialist was a long time, befor to Web. Coz we don't get paid much in animation in India. So have no other way to, so I am in Web now.

    But I still write, story board, web design, some logo animation etc as hobby and passion.

    For long time, and it my long term person goal to give an intro some Hollywood directors to consider making PS as a trilogy...
  • Hi Sivaram..

    My name is JK Velu... but my office uses my Jayaprakask (father name as last name) ;-)

    as of now, no (for big reason I said in my previous mail) but I have little knowledge about Animation and very good imagination..

    regarding the first screen, I like the idea.. here is the little more re visualization...

    instead of showing the rescued stuff...we can convey like this..

    Camera under viewing upward...we see sunlight shining into water and we see water sound... and lot of greenish plant inside water...suddenly we see a big boat crossing... and we focus the camera towards the boat, not we see a beautiful baby suddenly falling into the water... and see lot of bublles..generated...

    slowly the baby comes down toward the we see the baby closer.. he looks bright (golden orange shade) and he smiles toward the camera....we show the beauty of the baby close... suddenly the baby is pulled away from the we (camera) is focused back. we a young lady is carrying baby toward the surface...
  • > Camera under viewing upward...we see sunlight shining
    > into water and we see water sound... and lot of greenish plant inside

    THAT was an imagination which only a trained animator can visualize.
    wonderful velu ! Keep it up

    It is ironic that you could not invest in a full time career. Very
  • Hi Velu,

    Wow What an awesome creativity !! I am visualizing ur screens in my
    mind and it gives amazing feel.

    I always visualize the PS novel while readiing but never thought of
    how a trailer would be. Now with ur trained imaginations, I am spell

    Keep it up.
  • . and see lot of bublles..generated...
    > >
    > > slowly the baby comes down toward the we see the baby
    > closer.. he looks bright (golden orange shade) and he smiles toward
    > the camera....we show the beauty of the baby close... suddenly the
    > baby is pulled away from the camera...

    the baby tries to reach for the camera or whatever.
    and in its 2 open palms you see a sangu and a sakram. CUT
  • WOW....Nice visualization JK. Kalakareenga.

  • Hi,

    Can anyone please tell me where I can download the PS Trailer?

  • WOW,...this is what we call as Eye for detail..!!

  • Hi everyone,

    I've been a silent spectator in this group and the topic of PS
    Animation movie was brought to my notice by my friend Damu who is in
    this same group.

    Ever since I read PS I've been hoping some day it would be made a
    movie of the magnitude of Lord of the Rings trilogy.

    I had some idea for the trailor which i thought I'll share...

    Lush green cauvery banks..VD in bottom left corner of screen,some
    dialogue along with the soft background music to emphasis the serenity
    of the chola the music continues the camera pans towards
    the palace and shows an aged King being nursed.

    Then the kadambur maaligai is shown,and a close up shot of VD's eyes
    wide open (in the terrace),we zoom away to show the sadhi aalosanai
    and zoom in towards a torch (with a background dialogue of "beneath
    the serene surface of the kingdom,brews conspiracy and unrest..."(of
    that sort)).

    zoomout of a campfire to show the pandiya aapathudavigal,hailing the
    child king...and dancing and singing songs at midnight(in palli
    padai,Nandhini is not shown here)

    As the rightful fight the demons fom within..pandiya king's head
    laughing and is being held by his own beheaded body... aditha
    startlingly waking up from the nightmare in his castle

    (Some...become desperate to protect the rightful..)Kundhavai giving a
    scroll and a gentle loving smile to VD.(and their loved ones)

    A witty exchange between aazhwaarkadiyan and VD is shown..

    (Some...becoming pawns in the hands of the vengeful.. )
    periya pazhuvettaraiyar leaning on to Nandhini's shoulder and the shot
    ends with a fade out of a sly smile in nandhini's face..and..

    fades in with the same face but a lil different (Mandhakini) with hair
    spread jumps from a light house and the camera stays there and water

    (And some are chosen by destiny....)

    Sudden cut into an underwater shot..a child gently sinks in (JK's
    awesome scene) as the baby nears the camera,he blinks once,we make him
    peculiar with maybe light brown eyes and a bit of flowing hair and he
    smiles towards the camera and a pair of hands softly comes in and
    holds the baby..with the focus still on the baby's face..

    morph the baby's face to the grown-up arunmozhi with a similar twinkle
    eyed youngman with a turban in his head and some locks of hair flowing
    in front and side and a charming smile turns away as he rides on an
    elephant as a mahot with two chinese a green mountain
    path..with background music of majestic honks

    (Bravery is tested..)
    VD and Arunmozhi in the middle of a forest in a moonlit
    night,measuring each other walking in

    circles and Arunmozhi flings forward trying to punch,VD sways away and
    raises his hand to punch...while the hand moves forward..fade out

    inside a cave lit by torches monks seated in circle,at the centre is a
    head monk and beside him is a golden throne glittering in the torch
    light..and beside the throne is Arunmozhi

    (as evil spreads ....(tempo rises a bit))

    At the beach...Paarthipendiran clutching Nandini's hands and raising
    it to his eyes with devotion..

    Poongulali,senthan amudhan in a boat with Arunmozhi sleeping in the
    boat(top angle)..boat slwoly moving in the canal under the shade of
    trees..with beautiful early morning scenery of the banks,birds flying
    out in groups..velvet flowers blossoming and some flowers floating in
    the canal..

    Madurandhakan angrily raising fron the throne and saying my enemy is own mother ...

    (vengance burning in the heart...)
    nandhini hugging a sword shining in the torch light

    (finally...spills blood...)

    a sword falls down with clanking...

    (and asks for more....(The tempo rises to high speed sequences))

    Malayamaan weilding the sword angrily at kadambur sambuvaraaiyar....

    a shot of thevaraalan with fiery face.. (kuravai koothu scene)...

    chinna pazhuvettarayar's horsemen charging down the streets...

    Again thevaraalan....fiery face of AM...(from the lanka scene when ppl
    try to stop him from getting arrested)

    Again thevaraalan jumping fiercely .....raging fire at kadambur maaligai..

    Periya pazhuvettaraiyar pulling the mandabam ...

    VD diving forward with an angry face ( trying to protect kandhamaaran
    in surangapaathai)

    kabaligarkal laughing...

    sundhara cholar lying in a bed with a startled look at the ceiling..

    a wave raising like a mountain and on top of it is a ship on fire..

    a huge wave splashes at the camera....

    "Kalkiyin..Ponniyin Selvan" gets formed each letter starting to form
    at the same time (like molten metal flowing in a ridge) a golden
    yellow font with intricate self design....background is pale brown

    a spear is flung by Adithaa towards the screen..


    been thinking parts of this for a its kind of big :)

    Ever Yours,
  • If the previous was beautiful, then this one is Beautiful with a
    capital B.
  • hi,i'm new to this group.i'm a fan of kalki and his
    wonderful picturisations.i'm currntly studying a part
    time animation course in dream has always
    been to make the animation movie of Ponniyin
    selvan,after i read the book which was a long way
    (right b4 my 12th entrance exam!)along with a 3d game
    with vanthiya thevan as the hero who goes through lots
    of stages and when i saw the messages in
    this group i was intrigued.i would be happy if i be
    allowed to work in the PS animation movie if anyone's
    making will be my life dream come true.

    thanks in advance
  • nimations . i m also new to this group. i used to be a silent spectator till now. but yr idea made me to speak. even i had a similar thought but i dont know any skills about animations. when i was thinking about a movie of PS , i had a opinion that no actor will suit the roll of our great VT and AM similarly for the lady charecters also. So i arrived at a solution that it will be better if anyone could make an animation movie. and you have mentioned a game with VT tell much details about that. if possible get it for me.

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