Bala's Request
  • Dear Bala
    I think people misesed your point... Bala wanted each one of us to give their background and places of origin...folks

    sridhar: Born in kundavai nachiyar maruthuva manai in TNJ..grew up in Coimbatore,Mysore,Vellore(read PS in 4th std ) ,ariyalur,TNJ
    Moved to madras for Medical college
    MMC...Surgical training in MMC....
    UK cardiothoracic training in Manchester,Glasgow(Married Gomathi) Coventry,Birmingham....specilaist exam in cardiothoracic surgery...
    Two boys

    Passion tamil history and historic novels..stumbled on to PS egroup....made a moderator...proof read PS for the project madurai....the trying to do my little bit to REACH...

    btw Chandra and SB there are a few brit whites who would like to contribute to REACH

    so other than the time I am not removing someones lung or researching Lung cancer or driving 180 miles a day.....its history and heritage for me
  • Thank u sri/sps

    atleast u two accepting my dream on linking people to wards missing
    link of our history and indian traditional knowledge system.
    hope our groups is such a disciplined and secured with high litrate
    and no junk from any one.
    waiting for 003

    s.balasubramani B+
  • Hi Bala,

    Born & Brought up: Chennai
    Origins: aazhivaaikaal village from near Tanjore
    Occupation: Software engineer
    Interests: Tamil History, Historic Novels, Books, Tamil culture
    Current Location: Seattle, US (expected to be here till Jul'07)
  • Hi Bala,

    Sivaram S K
    Born & Brought up: Pattukkottai
    Occupation: Software Engineer.
    Interests: History, Historical Novels
    Right now i am put up at Chennai, enjoying the climate, company of
    some great friends and some amazing PS group friends.
  • Hi all,

    Born & Brought up: Chennai
    Ancestral Origin: Tiruvarur
    Occupation: Software Engineer.
    Interests: South Indian History, Egyptian History,Historical Novels,English Novels, Novels by Devan.
    Currently in Blore, will be in Nigeria from april 1st week for 3-4 months.
    Privileged to be part of the PS group and the REACH team even though am unable to contribute much to these two groups.
  • Born and Brought up: Bangalore
    Ancestral Origins: Palakkad (mom) and
    Trancobar/Tanjore (Dad)
    Occupation: CEO of a food and nutrition consultancy
    Interests: Historical Novels
    I too am privileged to be part of the PS group and the
    REACH team even though am unable to contribute much to
    these two groups.
  • Hi Bala,

    Arul Prasad
    Born at home on the fateful day when Skylab crashed into the pacific
    ocean (All the hospitals were closed).
    Grew up in Palacode, Sivaganga, Chennai, Nellore, Near Hampi
    (Vijayanagara capital), Coimbatore, Kanchipuram, Pudukottai. This
    moving around gave a lot of exposure to history.

    Later on moved to the U.S for higher studies
    Working as a Planning and New Product Development Manager for a
    medical devices company at Charlotte, North Carolina.
    Was active in the early days of the group. For the past one year kept
    a low profile because of my obsession with MBA at MIT (Application

    Passions--Tamil history, historic novels, writing news analysis and
    short stories (mainly in, environmental protection, and
    Thiruttu VCD-la padam paakkurathu.
    Promised Chandra that i'll do more for REACH but failed to keep my


    > ----- Original Message ----
  • Arul,

    I remember someone by the same name telling a similar story(i mean the
    Are you by any chance happen to study at Ramakrishna Mission, T.Nagar during

    the period 1991-1996?
  • hi

    Rahul Dhinakaran
    Born and Brought up: Madurai. We have been in madurai for aruond 4-5
    Ancestral Origins: a village near Palakkad
    Occupation: Own an engineering company, Kalki Technologies, based in
    Interests: all things automotive and history mixed with fiction. Pure
    history however true tends to be tedious.
    Learnt a lot being a part of PS even though my contributions have been next
    to nothing.
  • yep..don't tell me that you are the same Sivaram from pudukkotai.

  • Arul & Sivaram pesuradha kekkum bothu yetho padam paakura maathiri irukku.

  • That's me. long before i thought it might be you. Cool, to get in touch with

    Bala sir, thanks to you, got a old friend reintroduced.
  • Ennake, serial pakura mari than irruku. but please be assured that this is
    no drama.
  • with only 11 members profile
    now arul sivaram
    friend ship revived.

    if everyone introduced properly.

    Let from PSVP first will go for rewriting cotemporary History.

    Hence forth please add your blood group with your age. this may be
    helpful to some one's need in future.

    Best of Luck

    S.balasubramani B+
  • he is mistaken. I am from pattukkottai.
  • Kudumba paattu onnum illaiyaa?
  • RKM prayerla paduna pattu vena padalam.
    ada da da da, was the conversation that amuzing,
    guess i should have taken it private.
  • > Born at home on the fateful day when Skylab crashed into the
    > ocean (All the hospitals were closed).

    some sky lab re-entry trivia for those interested

    Following the last mission of the Skylab The Space Shuttle was
    planned to dock with and elevate Skylab to a higher safe altitude in
    1979; however, the shuttles were not able to launch until 1981.

    Increased solar activity, heating the outer layers of the earth's
    atmosphere and thereby increasing drag on Skylab, led to an early
    reentry at approximately 16:37 UTC 11 July 1979.

    Debris was found between Esperance, Western Australia, and Rawlinna,
    Western Australia, 31–34°S, 122–126°E.
    One cow was killed.
    An Australian municipality, the Shire of Esperance, fined the United
    States $400 for littering. this fine has never been paid.

    Skylab's demise was an international media event, with merchandising,
    wagering on time and place of re-entry and nightly news reports. The
    San Francisco Examiner offered a $10,000 prize for the first piece of
    Skylab to be delivered to their offices. 17-year-old Stan Thornton
    scooped a few pieces of Skylab off the roof of his home and caught
    the first flight to San Francisco, where he collected his prize.
    In a coincidence for the organizers, the annual Miss Universe pageant
    was scheduled to be held a few days later, on 20 July 1979 in nearby
    Perth, Western Australia. A large piece of Skylab debris was
    displayed on the stage.
  • NAALAI NAMADHE .. INDHA NAADUM NAMAdHE .. is our family song !

    (tamil version of Yaadhon ki bharaat - procession of memories .. by
    former CM)..
    in which not only Pudukkottai - but also near by Pattukkottai -
    Devakottai also related.. !

    And the usual touch of Venkat .. wonderful.

    regards / sps
  • Hi,
    Here are my details.
    Name: Y. M. Ragothaman
    Born In Chennai.
    Brought up: Chennai, Pune, Bangalore, Port Blair (Andaman and Nicobar
    Islands), Delhi.
    Ancestral Origins: Tanjore Marathi speaking Tamils called Madhavas. My
    mother-tongue doesn't have a script but we write letters to each other
    in Tamil. :)
    Mom: Madurai Origin.
    Dad: Madurai Origin.
    Current Occupation: Doing 4th year PhD in Bioinformatics at Jawaharlal
    Nehru University, New Delhi.
    Passions/Interests: Drawing, Painting, Indian Dance forms, Historical
    Novels, Kalki's literary works, Bharathiar Literary works, Science
    Fiction, Watching movies, Browsing Wikipedia.

    I haven't contributed anything to this group. Hope someday I will.
  • Name : Appanallur Periaswamy Saravanan

    Born : Musiri - Near Tiruchi

    Studied at Bangalore

    presently employed at Indian Institute of Science,

    Specialization : Power Electronics

    Other interests : Little bit of Computers, History,
    Saiva philosophy

    There are many PS members around me, but I have
    interacted with very few, inculding Ram - (One of)the
    founder of this group.

    My contributions to the group is almost nil, but I
    have gained a lot from the group.
  • Born : Sivakasi
    Brought up: Madurai
    Ancestral Origins: Both mom and dad from Sivakasi. But
    before my great grandfather, our village was near
    Eral, a place near Tuticorin. My great grandfather
    decided to move to Sivakasi to start a shop and that
    as they say, changed the history of our family!
    Occupation: Project manager in a MNC and a busy
    father of two (Sibi & Vanathy)
    Interests: Pretty much everything I can lay my hands
    on. Physics, eveolution, reading, local gods of south
    Tamilnadu, researching geneology, seinfeld and

    Read PS when I was in eighth std and hooked on to it

    "'I can't explain myself, I'm afraid, Sir,' said Alice, 'because I'm not myself you see.'"
    -Alice in Alice In Wonderland
  • Please add my details as well:

    Name: Venkateswaran
    Alias: Venks / Venkat

    Born: Virudhunagar
    Brought up: Madurai
    New Home Town: Chennai

    Profession: Software Engineering

    Hobbies: Tamil historic studies, Western Country
    Music, Western Classical Music, Antiquities,
    Collectibles, Ancient indian coinage etc.,
  • Name : Gokul Seshadri

    Birth : Srirangam . Mother's roots in a cauvery side village near
    Musiri, Trichy. Father's roots in Neikkarappati, Selam

    Bought up in chennai - ICF- My first short story was published when I
    was studying +2 - Violinist & vocalist - completed diploma in general arts

    Engineering at karaikudi Alagappa college - College orchestra member -
    Worked as Engineer in Chennai - became Entrepreneur - Wrote a book on
    IT and released a CDROM on Indian Tourism - Did multimedia
    presentations for spencer plaza (Mangal tirth estates) & other companies

    Moved to singapore - worked for several years in financial
    institutions - Reuters - TIBCO - Written several articles in IT in
    various portals - DQ week, - availble in under
    seshadri gokul or s.gokul - Delivered a lecture on J2ee in an
    international conference organized by Wrox in Mumbai

    Passionate about Ponniyinselvan since childhood - first time I read
    the copy collected by my great grandfather who was a famous advocate
    in dharapuram...

    Became an early member in PS group - spoke about the group in
    Singapore Oli 96.8 radio (transcript in files section) - Came into
    contact with active members - Met Dr.Kalakikkovan, Dr.Kudavoil and
    other scholars with the help of SPS - Joined kamal, ram, lavanya and
    krupa and launched in Aug 15 2004, a day after I was
    blessed with a son

    Rajakesari Novel was published in (2004 - 2005) -
    several travellogues capturing the experiences with ps group members -
    short stories - second novel Paisaasam completed (2006-2007) - Next
    novel all set to go :-)

    Jan 2005 - blessed with the opportunity to talk about restoration of
    paintings in thanjore premises, courtesy Dr.Kalaikkovan - came in
    contact with ASI - blessed again to work on one of the major paintings
    - partially restored and provided back to ASI after several months of work

    Currently working in New York as senior architect

    sorry for such a long "suya puranam"..
  • Hi
    born and brought up in mylapore, chennai
    studied college in chidambaram
    my native place is devakottai, sivaganga and my roots are quite father after his retirement stays there and is building a
    large library there.
    I have great pride in coming from a family with a rich history.
    though primarily bankers and traders my family were also temple
    my direct family built one gopuram in rameshwaram and rebuilt
    kalayarkoil,. my family trust still does a lot of work in kalayar
    koil. my extended family was involved in the rebuilding of nearly 20
    thevara paadal petra sthalams.
    I have also visited almost 200 out of the 275 shiva temples sung
    about in the thevaram.
    Ps group has been a part and parcel of my life for the last couple of
    years and I have some wonderful friends here. friends who have helped
    me make my dreams come true.
    thanks for it everybody
  • Satish Kumar.A
    Born - Hindon, Gaziabad, UP (my father was in Airforce when I was born)
    Brought up - Chennai
    Education- B.Sc Physics from Loyola and MCA from Deemed University
    Occupation - Software, currently working in CTS
    Residing in chennai for the past 25 years. 1.5 year old daughter.
    Interest vary depending on my mood. More towards Hinduism. Reading
    books and good music. Love talking with friends.
    Nothing to mention in terms of contribution.
  • > Adding to Venkateswaran : He is keeping a Uthama Chozha period
    > coin ! sps

    Hmm... is that so ? Only one coin was known to exist with text "Uttama
    chozha" - its impression was taken and then the coin was lost
    permanantly. That's what we hear from books

    So what venkat posesses could be the lost coin ???
  • The coin I have is a silver version of the type shown

    I saw a simillar coin in auction in, when
    I was in the US a few years ago. I bid. But some one
    was always overbidding me by few dollars. After few
    hours the rate shooted up too high, i thought it is a
    trick and withdrew from that auction.

    I saw another coin in another auction. I also came
    across a gold coin - quoted way beyond my budget!

    For the sake of our group, I will try to retrieve it
    from my cellar, scan it and post it during a week end.
  • The coin I have is a silver version of the type shown

    Wow, interesting. Looking the coins from the link, i was wondering why
    would chola coins contain fish symbol???
  • Name: Dhivakar V. (B+)
    Born at Chennai
    Brought up at Tirunagari (Sirkazhi), Chennai and Vijayawada
    Presently settled at Visakhapatnam
    Proud to have studied at RKM - North
    Graduate with Dip. in Foreign Trade-IIFT and Journalism
    Working as Sr. Journalist - speciality in Foreign Trade and Shipping - Professional articles getting published every week.
    Most of the Temples in South India visited. Tiruvenkaadu, Chithambaram, Srirangam and Tirupati - Most.
    Written two Novels (Historic) - Vamsadhara and Tirumalai Thirudan and got published through Narmadha Padhippagam
    Short stories got published in almost all weeklies and monthlies of Chennai based - recent past - Kumudham Bhakthi (My first article publihsed in Kalki)

    My next Novel - Vichiththira Chittan is getting published in a month's time

    Ponniyen Selvan Group Members - By the grace of God, I find every body in the group as very nice, matured. Let this group grow high and high with such members with great spirits and I pray God for same.

    When I needed some important information, one of my friend sent a note on Very valuable site and through this I became PS Member.
  • Name : Indumathi
    Bld Grp : A1+
    Born : Thalikokottai village near Mannargudi (formerly in Thanjavur
    dist and now in Tiruvarur Dist)
    Brought up : Chennai & Mannargudi
    Present location: Taiwan... Will be returning back India in couple of

    Profession: Software Engineer in TCS

    Passions: Ardent fan of Historical novels and history and
    now expecting so anxiously esp for Gokul's Novel. Still
    I haven't got a chance to read Venkat's & Dhivakar's novel.
    Like very much to travel esp to the places of historical importance.
    But above all I am a silent member of this grp. :-)

  • Thaliikottai certainly sounds like an ancient name. Need to check

    "Thali" normally refers to Koil. Kottai we all know - fort

    "Temple fort" or most likely a fort with temple

    Can you find any ancient stuff in your native village ?

    > Born : Thalikokottai village near Mannargudi (formerly in Thanjavur
  • -
    > Thaliikottai certainly sounds like an ancient name. Need to check
    > "Thali" normally refers to Koil. Kottai we all know - fort
    > "Temple fort" or most likely a fort with temple
    > Can you find any ancient stuff in your native village ?

    thats a very important point Gokul
    so many of our native places have names signifying a fort.
    devakottai, pattu kottai,gandharva kottai, pudukottai.
    would it have just signified a walled city?

  • Hi Group,

    Name : Arunkumar S (Arun)
    Father & Mother : Native of Thanjavur Dist , Nallur near
    Sunderaperumal kovil.
    Born : Thiruverumbur (near Erumbeeshwar koil where Gokul's Rajakesari
    starts !!)
    Father worked in REC Trichy (NITT), settled in Thuvakudi. near Thiru
    Nedungulam Temple main road (ancient temple)

    Me a Engineer from Shanmugha College of Engineering.
    Working as Software Specialist in Bengaluru.

    Loves to read any Histroical Novel.

    Though i am active in reading mails in this group...i am bit slient in
    sending mails.
  • Somehow erumbiyur features in all of my stories. In paisaasam , my
    novel in the process of completion - I have placed a series of very
    important events once again in erumbiyur:-)

    I am sure somehow this will come in next story also :-). Nice to know
    you are born there. There is an underground celler in this temple !
    secret chamber !!

    > Born : Thiruverumbur (near Erumbeeshwar koil where Gokul's Rajakesari
    > starts !!)
  • Dear Siva,
    Very Nice. I think there must be many more in the group.
  • Now i don find any ancient stuff Gokul...
    But almost all the nearby villages end with kottai in that surrounding

    but lot of olden broken earthern pot pieces had been unearthed by the
    farmers and heard that it was brahmin area during kings time... mebbe
    similar like sathurvedhimangalam

    but next to my village is mahadevapatinam which having a fort of a King
    starting with Mahadeva.... with agazhi and all..
    Now only the big fort walls are thr and landlords doing agriculture
    inside it... also had sevi vali cheithi that there was a tunnel from
    the fort to Rajarajeswaram... am not sure to wat extend its true...
    u can locate this small village in colorful tamilnadu district map...

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