For New members of this group..Gokul's letter
  • Hello,

    Really Gokul's letter mirrors the reality among those wish to search for more on Chola's...and after reading Sivakamiyin Sabathan...looking for Vatapi...

    Of course I am one among per Gokul's letter...suffereing from the disease!

    Gokul...your writing is should devote more time for writing.

  • Hello,

    Sometimes I feel leaving the news once for all...pack myself and go to places near Trichy, Thanjavur..Thirumayam..Virupaksha temple on the Tungabadra river, cave temples at Badami..But can it happen? Gokul's description about the deceased man is working on me!

  • Dear Vaidyanathan,

    Chandrasekarendra Saraswathi Swamingal's writings were published in
    serial in Kalki in late 80s and he was narrating almost every temple
    from Mayavaram (now Mayiladuthurai) to Thanjavur .. with such finer
    details !

    I felt the same way to visit each temple after reading an article, when
    I was in a Defence Establishment Chennai, to travel by passenger train
    with a Jolna bag and get down at each temple and spend time leisurely ..

    Almost after 5 years, I quit my job and could do this in my Two wheeler
    and spent months in the Chozha heart land wandering ..

    Chidambaram - Veeranam (kaatumannargudi) - Kadambur - Thiruvarur to
    Kodikkarai ! .. stretched to Thanjai - Pudukottai - Narthamalai -
    Kodumbalur - Pillayarpatti - Thirukkottiyur - Sivaganga!

    Those interested in this, should definitely have the feel of these
    places, breath the air and record the experiences atleast in their mind
    .. which can be recalled and cherished for rest of their life.

    anbudan / sps
  • Amazing!

    How sad, in this decade of the IT industry, we dont
    have the time for such passions...
  • Thanks for all feedbacks on my old article

    It was originally published only in PS group !! Later on when was launched, I hosted it in website

    Those who cherished this article will find another article - not in
    varalaaru but in our files section - interesting

    it is titled "Noval padikkum kalai" and explains the "protocols" for
    reading historic novels. Enjoy

    Bala: Thanks for reposting this !!
  • please also read an article in 'Thinnai' about
  • Hello Sir,

    You had a nice experience..but I am not so blessed. Where can I get Chandrasekendra Swamigal's writings to read?

  • Dear Vaidyanathan,

    "Deyvathin Kural" - 7 Volumes ..
    and his works by Vanathi Padippagam are available..
    Bharaneedaran's works are also impressive.

    Pls Touch base when in Channai.

    anbudan / sps
  • Hi sps
    > Bharaneedharan wrote in Vikadan.

    bharaneedharan I have heards is a close relative of R.K narayan
    > 3. Maragatha lingam near Thirukkazhukundram

    place is called thiru idaisuram
    the devaram goes thus" idaichuram meviya ivar vannam ennE?"

    > 4. Saptha vidanga kshethrams etc., etc
    > In our Group, Venkat and Mangal Ganesh have covered most of the
    > Thevara Paadal petra sthalanagal

    mangal ganesh has finished more than 270/ 275.
    I am far behind having touched 200 just recently.


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