Rajendra's expedition to Ganges ( msg no: 5044 reposted )
  • The mandapam opposite to Kanchipuram Shri Sankara Mutt is called ' Gangai
    Kondan Mandapam'.

    Is there any inscriptional evidences to relate this with Rajendra's Ganges
  • Extremely interesting email by SPS. I think we should take time to
    read all the old emails.

    Mandapam need not be associated with rajendra's conquest

    A guy by name gangai kondan frequently comes up in chola inscriptions
    in rajendra period. N.Sethuraman has discussed on whom this might be
  • Information from south kalingam to dhandabhukti

    since sundarachola there was a serious attempt to conquer kalinga even
    it was failed up to 985. only raja raja can able to succeed,captured
    up to south kosala. lot of evidences there with telugu cholas.

    so for my knowledge there was a 14 war betwen kalinga nad chola from
    orissa history because of enormous wealth and trading activity of
    kalinga region between tamaralipi to kakinada.

    that's why vimaladittan kundavai marriage was happeened

    orissa was under ammaraja up to 9 th century
    even makakamaranava ganga king who married to vaidambur clan vinaya
    devi was killed by pallavaroyan in 985 his mahendragiri vijayastumaba
    still there at parlakumudi district.

    due to relation with eastern chaulikkyas nd teleug cholas rajendran
    selected rote via baster chakrakotta beated somavamsi king and kept
    their relative jajathi 2 as a king and got married to kolavathi of
    chola primces (who built a famos brammeswara mandir and introducers of
    temple dancers in kalinga region.

    supraisingly jajathi 2 only constructed a famous lingaraj mandir of
    bhubaneswar contemporaray of RRC's pragetisiwar mandir of tanjore
    between 1025 to1040, may be inspired by tanjore temple.

    rajendra troup also made marriage alliances with sena family .
    still their heridtatary are at bengal.

    entire region are mixed with tamil kalinga culture and releiogious

    as a loanly man for me its killing my time make others struggle. but
    what ever may be i will definetly finsih my work.

    unfortunately i missed dear motivator our friend S. gokul first
    varlaaru mail. really got struck up with mad decease of probing

    now this decease is in final stage.

    can any one list a serious of book on cholas and primary source

    i am struggling with this decease for more than 5 years.

  • can any one list a serious of book on cholas and primary source

    Hello Sir,

    is by Neelakanda
    Sastri. And many in this group are experts in that book.

    I suggest you maintain a blog on writing like this, as it will be very
    useful in
    the future.

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