Hello Dear PS Fans..
  • I'm ezhil here and i live in singapore. I had been a member of this
    group for many years but mostly have been a silent observer. I had
    fallen for PS, since my childhood days at chennai. I work as an
    freelance artist and art faculty at an academy here at singapore.

    Ok..now enough of my bg.Coming to the point, I've joined a digital
    film production course project - everything 3D - you can imagine
    shrek,toystory, LOTR etc. And as a part of my final project movie
    presentation, I've planned to take up my "dream" finally - to make a
    Ponniyin Selvan 3D project. At the beginning phase, i'm planning to
    do only a PS trailer and an episode from the epic.It would be a team
    effort, - though I've read PS thousand times and drawn many PS
    paintings, I'm still thirsty to have more of PS.

    My humble request to this devoted group is to offer me support
    morally and informatically to provide the stimultion and strength to
    do this major project.Though, it has been many desparate ps fan's
    dream to see his PS characters come alive, it has always remained a
    dream so far.I jus wanted to go one step ahead by trying something
    as a first stepping stone.Though this may be just a trailer
    (15mins), i want to portray all the ps characters modelled to 3d
    perfection and more so with full life.

    pls reply and post your valuble feedback. thanks.
  • Hello Ezhil,

    Congrats. Good attempt..we support you morally and eager to watch your trailer of PS.

    Wishing you success in your efforts.

  • Dear Ezhil,
    Wish you best of luck.Be prepared to face possible criticism,because each fan will be having an image for their favourites !
  • Dear ezhil
    ungal muyarchikku engalin idayam kanintha vazhlthukkal


    S.Balasubramani B+
    Bhubaneswar Orissa
  • Dear Ezhil,

    That was great. Mr RjC, our group member had tried a similar effort
    some time back recently. May be you could contact him for some inputs
    from him regarding this.

    For information and moral help from this group, Ezhil, you only have to ask!!!!
  • Dear Ezhil
  • Hi,

    What is the kind of system ( and configuration ) and
    software you guys use for this ?
  • > Ponniyin Selvan 3D project. At the beginning phase,
    > i'm planning to
    > do only a PS trailer and an episode from the epic.

    > My humble request to this devoted group is to offer
    > me support
    > morally and informatically to provide the stimultion
    > and strength to
    > do this major project.

    You have all our support, just go ahead and work on the project.
    Eagerly waiting for the PS trailer.
  • Wow..amazing, i never thought just a single idea at conception could
    provoke such a great response.i sincerely thank each and everyone of
    you in this wonderful team.

    at present, i'm joining the program on march 19th and the requirement
    analysis would take some time. then this proposal needs to be
    acknowledged by the other members (as few (or no!) indians are present
    in the team - so i have to get them convinced on the ps plot).once
    everything is through, we need to work on the characters first and
    then visual effects, bg setup and finally animate with music score.
    the final submission of the movie would be on jun20th(as of now).
    my main motive on contacting this group was that, though i can do a 3d
    film on my own for my project, it would just be my version of ps -not
    others.there are countless fans of ps all over the world and to
    fullfill everyone`s dream is next to impossible.still we can give it a
    try by 2 ways.

    1. Doing in digital media - which gives room for major changes and
    alterations of physical forms,voices,visual background& music.And
    these are absolutely re-usable objects.this is simply not possible in
    traditional cinema as it requires immense investments for a minor

    2.If i had to attempt it on the first place, i need strong feedback -
    good or bad - but honest ones on the character forms and visualization.

    So whenever, i upload a digital form - say our vandhiya devan, you
    can always point out that, his mouth is big and hairstyle is not good
    enough - just by viewing the clip. and i can re-iterate to make him
    more handsome and still naughty! Thats what i want from this team and
    i'm more than sure that you would give me that.

    Thanks a ton again..!

    P.S: if anyone has some sample 2ds or 3ds of ps characters, pls do
    email me.
  • Dear Ezhil
    Thats great

    You can go to the photos and files section in the group and there are
    sample pictures of all the charectors

    You can pick them and modify them as appropriate
    I personally will recoment those by Vinu
  • Dear Ezhil

    Very nice to see your enthusiastic attempt

    I am pretty well aware of the 3D graphics you are talking about and I
    myself have written a text book on Multimedia with significant 3D content.

    These are my suggestions:

    * Use Maniyam's drawings for 3D models. I am not sure of the software
    you are going to use for modelling. I'll say Maya or Softimage should
    shine well - but upto you

    * One of the classic problems you are going to get into is in
    textures. This is where most Indian 3D is getting into problems. Final
    fantasy movie is the extreme example you can go wherein minor hairs in
    the face were painstakingly modelled. You need not go that far - but
    do not resort to classing flat renderings

    * Hair is another major problem. The amount of time you have will be

    * Develop a story board and share it with all of us. It can be in the
    form of a simple comics or verbal. Fast paced action is important

    All the very best
  • Dear Gokul,

    Thanks for the technical insight. Indeed i would require something
    like this for a startup on the project.

    There are some points i would like to clarify for the technical
    members of our group:

    1. I would be doing PS primarily in 3DsMax and Charater Studio which
    are the original tools before maya, and i might get some help from
    maya and lightwave towards the end.

    2.Yes. I accept that textures are the most difficult part to create
    the space,earth and all other elements. I'll ensure it's well taken
    care of when i initiate the project.

    3.Hair/fur/skin/eyes are another issue that needs to be looked
    into.May be i can utilize maya for these type of minor but
    distinctive details.

    Thanks for the initiation. Let me know the name of your book too, i
    would love to read, if it provides some more enlightenment.
  • Hello ps fans,

    thanks for all the support you have given me. I have initiated the
    project but before that i would like to come to chennai again for a
    nostalgia (may be research!). I'm starting today and will be there for
    another week.if anyone, would like to give their valuable feedback,
    they can give so in person too.Once i reach chennai, i'll give my
    contact details so that i can meet some interested minds.

    may i know, whom i should be co-ordinating for this. sps or gokul or
    karthik - actually i want to know the moderator or the owner of the ps
  • Dear Ezhil
    Good luck

    The owner is no longer reachable busy...Ramachandran Mahadevan

    The Moderators are Me,SPS,Gokul and Iyyappan
  • vaiththiyar ayyaa,

    moderator pattiyalil vidupattu pona en peyarayum pattiyalil serthu

    SILENT MODErator,
  • Pls contact Sivaram Kannan / Plastic Chandra / Madhan in Chennai.
    Me - sps, Venkat are in chennai. Gokul in the USA.

    Hi Ezhil,

    You could call in this number. 9884850455.
  • Dear Sri,Sps,Gokul,Iyappan and silent!:) moderator krupa,

    Thanks a lot for the support. Please let me know your personal mail and
    other contact details.We can get in touch with each other.

    I'll be here at chennai for another 2 weeks and will be visiting around
    kumbagonam/thanjavoor temples.

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