• >Before reaching Hozur saw a small temple on the hill. Any ancient
    >temple in that area?

    >thanks & regards / sps

    Are you talking about the hill temple just two or three kms before Hosur town on to the leftside while drinving to Bangalore? It must be "Chandrasudeswarar Temple" It is an ancient temple indeed.

    More details about this temple are here in the link
  • Dear SPS

    The Temple atop the hill in Hosur is a an anient Temple dedicated to lord siva known as Sri Chandra chudeshwarar rised during the time of Vira Ramanatha Deva , a son of a Chola princess, of Kulothunga Chola III or II married to someshwara of Hoysala dynasty. later completed during the times of Vijayanagar. I have visted the Temple. Nice temple made of Granites.
    G.Santhana Krishnan.

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