Jan/Feb Tour : 04.02.07
  • Dear VK,

    4th Feb, appears to be good choice.

    Jan 7th is between New year & Pongal. People may find difficult to
    get tied up on this Sunday too.

    Jan 21st is again between Pongal and 3 days Holidays (26 - 27 - 28).

    Feb 4th appears to be a good choice. Also gives some opening to Dr.
    Sridhar to participate if lands in India.

    Am re-confirming. Hope it suits to others also.

    Thank you, VK.. regards/ sps
  • Am ok with 4th Feb:)
  • Is 4th Feb confirmed??
  • Yes it is confirmed for Feb 4, 2007.
  • okay, count me in please.... I also offer to help with the arrangements....
  • Thanks Madan. Lets take the head count again after
    Pongal and plan the logistics.
  • can we plan something for saturday evening 3-2-07 too.

    sriraman must be happy to have us in the for museum
    that could be followed by a beach meeting

  • Sure! Thats a good idea.
  • If its 4th Feb I think I should be able to join as well
  • Hi
    tis is sounding bettr everyday,
    VK. i hope you are putting us in one vehicle to make it better.
    and keep away sankaran from the snacks!!!!!!!
    last time he ate up the sweet alone from the assorted snack boxes

  • Thanks to the confirmations of Sri & RV. Friends,
    please mark your calenders and plan your official and
    personal work accordingly.
    Lets make it another event in our group.
  • Venkat

    Noway, my seat reserved next to snacks..Hope this time also our periyya anna shows his courtesy by getting Grand Sweets.

  • two alternatives

    one vehicle and sankaran sits the farthest from the snacks

    two vehicles and sankaran sits in the vehicle without snacks.
  • alternatives rejected
  • Okay, Sankaran is responsible for the snacks availability whenever anybody
    wants some....
  • -Hi
    2 suggestions for locations for the one day trip

    1 gst road upto uthiramerur

    2 ecr upto marakkanam

    5-6 locations on each


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