Marina Meet on 2nd Dec
  • I was expecting that Sivaram or Chandra will write about the meet
    that happened on 2nd Dec, at Chennai marina...surprisingly the other
    topics have washed this away, I suppose :)

    It was great to meet the good old friends at Marina on Saturday.
    When I reached there around 6, already Swetha, Venkatesh, Chandra
    and Mr.Sriraman were present at the regular meeting spot - Gandhi
    SPS joined shortly and we all settled down in the beach sand not far
    away from the statue (again this spot is becoming our regular place
    to sit). Initially all of us congratulated Vankatesh for completing
    his Kaviri Mainthan, which is getting published soon. We were
    thrilled to see the cover photo for his first volume. Picture is by
    Mr.Vedha, close relative of Maniam and the picture had a very good
    impact of Maniam. It has come out well.

    Venkatesan Kasirajan joined us a bit later and Madan and Sivaram
    came in very late. Madan just marked his presenece left soon due to
    some personal work.

    we discussed many a thing, nothing in particular. SPS proved himself
    to be a scholar and not just a history lover. Towards the end when
    he said he has short term memory loss and doenst want other to
    interrupt when he talks, Chadra rightly said, if he has memory
    loss, then we all do not have memory at all :)

    It was a casual discussion and we had a gala time during the 3 hour
    meet. Not to forget the thattia, pavakkai chips, murrukku and the
    official PS drink Bovonto (Shankara miss pannitiye...) - by the
    official sponsor of PS group - SPS.. :)

    Did the Bangalore meet happen? Deepa, Muhilan, atleast did you
    people get in touch? Heard from my Friend Sabari that he mailed you
    seperately that he is also willing to join if it happens...Suganya
    where are you?

    And talking about Deepa's participation, it reminds me of Swetha
    around 1 and 1/2 years back... :)
  • Hi:
    Good to know that the team PS Chennai had a lovely
    time at Marina Beach. At Bangalore, the meeting did
    not happen. It was Karthigai yesterday and I was
    pretty much up to my elbows making pori urundai and
    Would team bangalore like to meet the coming Saturday?
  • Hi;
    Great to know the Chennai meet went well. Congrats to you guys on that. Im
    hoping i can make it to atleast one of these meets sometime soon.
  • Friends

    sorry tied up in office. I know i missed an interesting meet.

    satish, office la veela saiyaa soulrangapaa ,we never used that.... so finding very hard.
  • >
    > And talking about Deepa's participation, it reminds me of Swetha
    > around 1 and 1/2 years back... :)

    Thats a wonderful compliment for deepa.- to be compared to swetha.

    deepa, swetha is one of the most knowledgable people on Cholas. its a
    passion for her.

    and many of us fondly remember our visit to her house in her native
    place( with cannons and all)
    I still remember sathish's face when his mother called him to come
    and see the antha puram.
  • Thanks for your email Venkatesh. Thanks for the kind
    compliment from team PS. Oh man!!! Swetha must be a
    lot of fun and plenty of knowledge to hear about. Have
    you folks taken photographs of your visit to the antha
    puram?? :-)))))))))
    Just kidding!
  • Team PS seems like family to me now. To sign into my
    email id 2 - 3 times a day to read and participate in
    your discussions is a lot of pleasure and fun. I have
    never belonged to an e-group before and I think the PS
    e-gp is one of the most interesting and peaceful
    forums we can have. Everyone seems so knowledgable and
    deeply committed to Tamil History. Thanks so much for
    having accepted me into this lovely e-gp.
  • ennada yaarum etha pathi vaayae therakkaliyaennu paarthaen! ;)

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