• >>Why can't be Nandhini a real character?

    Nandhini oru karpanai characteraaga nenaika mudiyaatha
    alavuku kalki seithirukaar.aana reala irunthiruntha
    oru kalvettula koodava per varama irunthirukkum??

    Kovilkaluku nivandham kodukalennalum, pazhuvur
    ilayapraatinavaathu engayavathu solli iruppangale..

    apadi illatiyum nandhinioda azhaga pathi kavithai
    koodava eluthaama irunthirupaanga!!

    Aana Nandhini narpani mandram aarambicha
    sollunga..kattayam senthiruvom..
  • Dear SPS
    I am surprised you didnt include TR Rajakumari I bet she was Kalkis inspiration for Nandhini ....the changes in charectorisation she exibits in Uttama Puthiran....marvellous

    take it thats Nandhini and kundavai respectively

    Vaijeyanthi and Padmini...
    Sridevi and Jayapradha
    Radha and Ambika
    Ramya Krishnan and Simran
    Nayanthara and Sneha

    The list will just keep growing
  • I s my reply reaching the groups>?
  • Hi

    somehow I always think of ramya krishnan in padayappa as the closest
    one can get to nandini.

    how she portrayed the love of a woman scorned!

    rahul SPS is fondly called periya anna.

    atharkaaka avar avvalavu periya anna illai.

  • What about casting of the men? I think the choices for RRC, VD and Azhwarkadiyan are critical.. they can make or break the movie.

    What about Surya for VD and Ajit for RRC? I think Surya can carry off the comedy aspect of VD well. Now that we've started the casting process, here are more suggestions..
    Sarathkumar for Periya Pazhuvettarayar.. Sivakumar for Sundara Chozhan..
    Cant think of anybody for Azhwarkkadiyan and Adithya karikalan.

    Going back to women, Srividya would have been wonderful as Sembiyan Madevi.. just heard she passed away. Also, I vote for Nandita Das as Kundavi - she's a classical beauty yet darker-skinned as Kundavi is described.
  • deepa,
    why should the professionals be hired?my suggestion is the PS lovers themselves can do it where we will find a dedication and true spirit.the actors whom you suggest,have a halo over their heads and the viewers will be carried over by their fame and glamour.consider
    kalavathy karthikeyan.[ponniyin selvan's mother]my son karthik, selected this name as his mail i.d in 2000 itself and he had ambitions of making this film and he had gone to the extent of calculating the cost as 20 crores.
    karthik amma
  • appadinaa? Ravithasan role- patriotic rahul dinakaran.
    illaatti aananda nadarajan ready yaa?

  • I will be busy with Mani Ratnam's shooting schedule but ok i will spare
    sometime for this project :) :) Please try to include a heroine for
    Ravidasan preferably Trisha ;) ;) After all PS is fiction and we can add a
    few commercial elements too!
  • yes,

    i agree with you ms. kalavathy. No professionals required. in fact i
    feel the greatness of PS will not be felt if professional this
    people are talking about is cast. hence use new faces suitable for
    the characters. also this will reduce the cost of production.
  • Hehehehe..

    I can do Azhwarkadiyan, infact I resemble his appearance very much and I can also pout Iyengaru baashai very much.. ;)
  • Hi,

    My perception
    Sundara Chozhar - Sivakumar,
    Periya Pazhuvettarayar & Chinna Pazhuvettarayar -
    Sarath (Dual),
    Aathithya karikaalan - Vikram,
    RRC - Surya (Sivakumar-Surya combination),
    VD - Vijay (He too can perform comedy well),
    Paarthibendra Pallavan - Sreeman,
  • Vijay will spoil the character of Vanthiyathevan :) apologies if you are a Vijay fan..

    For Vanthiyathevan..one of the new performing youngsters like Srikanth or anybody who can talk good tamil can be cast..
  • Nanda..so you feel Iyengar baashai is so easy to pout?

    Iam an Iyengar myself and sometimes I have been deeply offended in the way this is shown in movies..not that am a racist or a casteist.. but would anybody mock any other caste this way??

    Just thinking aloud
  • I think vneet will bebetter choice for
    RRC role
  • Hi Naarayan,

    I feel the same way as you do whenever films mock Brahmins..

    My mother is an iyengar and my father is a kallar(primary castes of cholas). I am still proud about my lineage, something like the best of both worlds and I am able to accept things from two different points of view..

    I think the Brahmin association did put a resolution to root out this kind of mocking of the Brahmins.
  • Oh, it is one of the sick traditions in Tamil Movie industry. Just like
    making fun of Seth-jis and Malayalees. In fact , the lack of professionalism
    is so obvious when you hear actors trying to pass on nonsense as the dialect
    of a region (e.g. the eternal mirasdar of tamil movies, vijaykumar's painful
    kongu-thamizh accent).

    I really doubt if most of the directors spend any time researching their
    stuff. They seem to be focussed on writing vulgar songs and punch dialogues
    for the so-called heroes. I was surprised how the director permitted
    Anandaraj to get away with the obviously fake malayalee accent in a recent
    Vijaykanth movie.

    Probably directors think semi-cooked and putrified stuff is enough for the
    dumb tamils like us.

    No amount of praise would hence be sufficient for directors like Cheran.
  • Dear Nandha and Narayan
    I dont think this discussion is taking us anywhere fruitful and btw
    Alvarkadiyan doesnt actually speak in any particular lingo except when he picks up a quarrell with sivanadiyar where he uses saninganum...

    so i dont think this discussion is warranted
  • >I dont think this discussion is taking us anywhere fruitful

    > Alvarkadiyan doesnt actually speak in any particular lingo except
    when he picks up a quarrell with sivanadiyar where he uses saninganum

    Hi Sri

    actually almost everybody from the light house keeper to the emperor,
    pandya to pallava use the same words in the book.
    kalki never needed a slang or accent or a way of speech to
    differentiate his charecters. he was gifted in other areas to bother
    about this.

    I didnt quite get what you said about alwarkadiyan or I am not able to
    can you please enlighten us on this.

    and we really never discussed a poit I raised last week. how old is
    alwarkadiyan during the story.
  • aaha oho eanne unathu rasanai
  • aaha oho eanne unathu rasanai soumya
  • Ya..i too hate such things.. When i watched the movie Saamy, i was shocked to see vivek wearing the sacred thread over his banian..its highly condemnable..but who said a word against it? apparently noone..i have started hating vivek..he is called chinna kalaivanar..but he does all atrocious things in films like drinking..
  • Naarayan,

    Srikanth as Vanthiyathevan.????????????????????????????????????????

    "Enna Kodumai Naarayan Ithu"

    :-) :-)
  • Srikanth is a much better choice than Vijay as mentioned in one of the earlier mails..

    Wouldnt you agree?

    I know Srikanth personally and he has got a lot of passion for passionate roles..
  • Dear All

     I recently finished PS for the nth time
    I also saw Mamma Mia....and couldnt but wonder....the plight of the young girl who didn't know who her father was!
    It is so much like Nandhini...was it Pandiyan if so Veerapandian or another? Sundara Chola or Karuthiraman...
    One can rule out Karuthiruman as his interest was primarily with Vani Ammai and not Mandhakini !
    SundaraChola is out due to the time lag of two years...
    That leaves Veerapandiyan only!!
    infact Pazhuvettarayar confesses to Alwarkadiyan that Nadhini said she was Virapandiyans daughter
    Kind regards


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