Happy Deepavali
  • Dear All

    Warm wishes for colourful anfd Joyful Deepavali



  • Wish you the happy deepavali.

    Could you ask PSVPs to develop content based on the
    menu in word document.

    Time is running out and I am little busy on work.
  • Hi All,

    Wish you and your family a Very Happy Deepavali.

    Annaivarukkum En Inniya Deepavali Nal Vazhthukal.

  • Happy Deepavali to all,
  • Wish you All a Very Happy Deepavali.
  • Wishing all the members and their families a very
    happy and prosperous Deepavali!

    Peace for All
    Prosper All
  • Wishing all a very happy Deepavali! Enjoy your vacation.
  • Dear All

    It is quite sometime since I interacted with the group or any member
    therefrom. I had indeed been too busy travelling between my various
    residences in India - you may appreciate that for an elderly person,
    who gets compulsorily retired at a given age, driven out of a career,
    just because age has taken its process, there is nothing more
    interesting than continuous and frequent travel enabling him meet all
    his kith and kin and also make new acquaintances in every new
    place.Incidental benefit of travel is that he learns quite a lot of
    history and geography and visits a lot of interesting places all over
    the world.

    I convey my HEARTFELT GREETINGS to all members for a VERY HAPPY
    DEEPAVALI and all prosperity in the coming year.

    Thanking everyone of you
  • Wishing everybody in this vibrant group a very happy and fun DEEPAVALI.
  • Dear,
    Wish You all happy and Prosperous Deepavai.
    I have to tell special thanks and wishes for the prosperous Deepavali to
    SPS, Anusha Venkatesh, Muruganatham, Dr Sreedhar, Sundar Krishnan, 
    Dr Vijay, Parvatha vardhini murali dharan,, Malathi Madam,
    Shoba ramakrishnan, Sivaramakrishnan,  udanks 
    in helping me in completing my MalarCholai Mangai.
    Thank you all of you 
  • Wish you happy and prosperous Deepavali
  • Wish you happy Deepavali



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