• -Dear Friends,

    Pillayar patti - Mahendra - 6 / 7 AD - is ancient.

    Any other older Pillayar in and around Tamilnadu?

    Greetings .. sps
  • HI SPS,

    Can you please share the documentary evidence to prove the authenticity of the statue? Since I am relatively new to this group, I would love to learn about it.
  • thiruchengaattangudi?
    siru thondar and vaathaapi pillayar
  • Dear SPS

    What about the Ancientness of Pillayar installed by Paranjothi ( narasimha pallva I 0 in Thiruchengattagudi in Nanilam Tk. Nagapattinam Dt. Tamil nadu.

  • * The most ancient ganapathi recovered so far is the Veerapuram
    Vinayagar (Andra) which dates back to BC. It completely demystifies
    the theory that Ganesh was a much later addition. Pillayar worship
    seems to be ancient in south than what was thought earlier

    * The second most ancient is the one at Pillaiyarpatti. Pandiyan
    kudaivarai. The inscriptions on the wall have been dated by Iyravatham
    as 3rd - 4th cent AD. The inscription reads "Erukottur Perunthasan".

    * The ones who follow pillaiyarpatti are pillayars all over pandiya
    land like kokarnam - kundrakudi - thirukkolakkudi - mahipalanpatti and
    few others.

    * The paranchothi theory - I am not sure. Vinayagar worship was
    established in south tamilnadu well before narasimha's invation. Hence
    siruthondar was certainly not the one who introduced ganesh worship.
    I am not sure if sekkizar sings that paranchothi actually bought
    ganapathy from vatapi. But the present statue at thiruchenkattangudi
    bears no resemblence to chalukyan features and hence is certainly not
    of chalukyan origin.
  • What about Malai Kottai Uchchi Pillayar. The legend links this pillayar to

    Please write about Kanipakam Vinayagar - how it was unearthed and what period belong - now a days the Tirumala visit is not complete without visiting Kanipakam for Andhraites.
  • Sir,

    But Uchchi Pillayar is in the race or not?. Will any one answer?. I am so
    eager to know about this.
  • Dear SPS,

    Thank you very much. Indeed an awesome updation.

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