Taj Mahal Secrets.. Taj Mahal (Of Mumtaz) or Tejo Mahalaya (Of Lord Siva)
  • Note: forwarded message attached.

    Hi Friends,

    I'm a silent member of PS yahoo groups for the past
    1.5 years.
    I came across this attached mail on Taj Mahal and
    below contents couple of days back, which claims Taj
    Mahal as a temple of Lord Shiva according to Professor
    I have visited bbc at
    to confirm the the same. Also I have googled out "Taj
    Mahal Prof Oak" which lead me to lot of links on this.

    Can any of our experts throw some more lights on this.
    I just want to know whether the Indian Politicians are
    cheating the entire world.

    Please find the pics in attachment and the contents of
    the mail below
  • dear

    May be True. because, most of the muhal Architectureal structures were bulit on the Places of Hindu Shrines and temples. As one of the policies of Expansion, Muhals used to destroy Hindu temples and landmarks during 1526-1710 AD which u can even witness today in the noseless, handless.breastless
    sculptures of Kudumiyan Malai temple,Pudukottai Dt., However, As pointed out, C14 dating for Wood mterials of period of lesser than 1500 years is practically difficult to measure accurately. since T1/2 of C14 is 5070 years.

  • Jai,

    Welcome to the group. I read this 7 years back. Not sure how far it is
    true. Even if true our own countrymen will not accept the facts :)
    Dont expect much of a reply to this chain. YOu wont get it.
    If you had started a topic that St.Thomas was killed by Hindus 2000
    years back(again this has been objected by people showing proof that
    St.thomans never visited India), you will get 1000 replies :)

    You know another thing. Santhome Church was built upon Kabali Koil and
    the kabali koil today was relocated from its original place. Source :
    none other than our beloved Venkatesh.
  • hi
    > Santhome Church was built upon Kabali Koil and
    > the kabali koil today was relocated from its original place. Source
    theres lot of evidence that the present kapali temple was built around
    the exisiting singara velar shrine some three hundred years back

    singaravelar has a lot of rights here.

    he even has a seperate dwajasthambam.

    in the amman temple many stones with kalvettu are upside down. there
    are greek cryptic etchings on the floor of the singaravelar temple.

    and arunagirinathar in many thirpugal tells us the waves of the sea
    lap this temple.

  • Hi

    This information has been circulating as a part of various chain mails for a few years now..but will those concealed rooms be allowed to open?

    Iam sure that can cause a lot of religious upheaval with the muslim community particularly..

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