Orality to literacy: Transition in Early Tamil Society
  • Friends,


    You can read excerpts from the book


    by Iravatham Mahadevan in the link above.

  • Dear Mathy,

    That's a very interesting article. Now, time for one of my dumb :-)

    Is Prakrit related to Sanskrit? Evolved from Sanskrit? Origin of
    Sanskrit? I saw this language mentioned in Sivakamiyin Sabatham as the
    language spoken by Pulikesi's padai veerargal ( I think) and I
    understand Kannada might have evolved from Prakrit. Am I correct?

    Thanks in advance for your replies/pointers.

  • The word "prakrit" kind of means something that is down-to-
    earth...like that is used by common men/women in their daytoday life.
    so, prakrit is nothing more than but the language that is a "refined"

    While Sanskrit lived all along for its literary form, it was never
    used in daytoday interaction among masses, but Prakrit was. Sanskrit
    was sort of Official Language of the State, though not everyone
    really understood it.

    ippa namba chennai thamizh Prakrit-nnu vechchundaa, senthamizh vandhu
    Sanskrit. Chennai thamizhukkunnu thaniyaa yezhuththu vadivamnu
    yellaam yedhuvum kadayaadhu.

    (yengayo, yeppavo, yaaro, yedhukko, yedhukkagavo, school-la sonnadhu)

    > Is Prakrit related to Sanskrit? Evolved from Sanskrit? Origin of
    > Sanskrit?
  • Hi All,
    Grantham is the script of Prakruth.(Prakruthi is Earth).
  • Hi All,
    Prakruthi is Nature.
  • > (Prakruthi is Earth).

    prakruthi is different from praakrutham...

    the root word for prakrit (language) is not prakruthi, but praakruthi.

    >Grantham is the script of Prakruth.

    amaam...thamizhukku ippa grandham irukkara maadiri,
    prakruthaththukkum, sanskrit yellaththukkum oru kaalaththula grandham
    thaan script.

    (ayyayo, sanskrit teacher maadiri yellam solreengalaey, sanskrit
    teacher-a neenga...ippavae naan jegaa vaangidarane appadeenna)

  • No Krupa, I heard something different. Infact my jain friends told that all their scriptures are in Prakrit language only and few people know that language even now. so that language had ezhuthu vadivam and all. Even in Sivagamiyin Sabhatham there is a mention about this language and mahendra varma pallavar knew this language. Even then Prakrit was not a common language. Even one of my colleague is learning that language. dhukdam michami in prakrit means forgive me. There is a day for jains when everyone asks others forgiveness for troubles they may have given knowingly or unknowingly.
    Even i got interested to learn that language but the jain who teaches this is not in chennai now and he is on travel. and when he comes to chennai also he does not stay for long in one place. There is a mention about this also in SS. Jain thuravigal ore idathil vegu naatkal irukka maattargal. Sorry romba aruthuttennu nenaikiren. Regards,Poonguzhali
  • Prof Swaminathan has been kind enough to make a power point progm
    on Tamil Brahmi.


    To CONFESS, Myself and our Dear Venkateswaran (Kasirajan) purchased
    the TAMIL BOOKs by Dr. Iravatham as soon as it was released - but I
    did not read it elaborately!

    That was the FIRST OCCASION I could meet various Scholars in
    History. Our dear Member adithakarikalan @ Kamalakkannan
    (varalaaru.com) had posted the details in our file section in 2003.
    (now could not locate).

    Prof. Swaminathan has motivated us - Vijay - Chandra -
    Venkateswaran - Sankaran & myself - to go through the book in
    detail !

    For ready reference of New members, reposting connected mails below:
    (for more details search for : Early Tamil Epigraphy)

    anbudan / sps

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