Kachi Ekambam
  • All,

    I wanted to write this for long, but it slipped. When I visited Kanchi
    a month and half back, I visited Ekambaranathar temple. Though I have
    visited this temple quite a manytimes in the past, this time I noticed
    one thing, strikingly. Behind the lingam on the wall is a somaskandar

    Once Dr.Kkvn has stated that all Pallava temple will have a
    somaskandar behind the lingam, on the wall. Does that mean, the
    sanctum sancotorium of Ekambaranathar koil belongs to pallava period?
    The rest of the temple structure are surely later period. Can
    Kamal,Ram, Gokul et al throw light on this?
  • Dear Satish,

    Yes. Ekambarar temple is definitely a pallava temple. Mahendra
    period. It is mentioned in Mahendra's religious satire
    drama 'Matthavilaasam'. More about this will follow in this month
    varalaaru.com as it is Mahendra sirappidhazh.

    It is not 'all Pallava temples'. Kalaikkovan said 'all Rajasimma
    temples'. Because, Rajasimma only introduced the concept of
    Somaskandha. So, this ekambarar temple might have been renovated by
    Rajasimma and Somaskandha took place. As I haven't seen ekambarar
    temple yet, not sure about architecture style.
  • There is one more very interesting thing in ekambareswara temple

    The linga is hugged by devi. Only other place that I know of which has
    this icon is the thirchattimutram. The moorthy is called "Thazhuvak

    Not sure if ekambara shrine is a paadal petra sthalam (Venkat - kindly
    help). But the nearby katchi mayanam is sung by appar.

    Dr.Nagasamy writes that he recovered a pillar with birudda names of
    mahendra in this temple and took it to chennai museum. This is the
    only surviving evidence to prove that mahendra built structural
    temples. We do not have any others
  • > Not sure if ekambara shrine is a paadal petra
    > sthalam

    This is a paadal petra sthalam. Sundarar sang the
    famous "Aalam than ugaanthu...." at this place.
    He got his vision on his left eye at this sthalam.

    Appar also has a paadal at this place.
  • Dear Gokul

    of course kachi ekambam is a paadal petra sthalam

    listed first amongst the 32 thondai mandalam shrines

    appar sings of kanchi as "kalviyai karaiyilaatha kaanchi maangar"

    3 of the 63 nayanmars lived in kanchi
    and kanchi has 5 devara sthalams

    ekambam, kumarakottam, and kaamakottam are arranged in the somaskandar

    all three have sung about ekambam

    arunagirinathar has sung about the murugan here

    and manicka vasagar mentions the temple.( I doubt if he visited it)
  • Dears

    Sung by Sundaramoorthy, Appar,
    Pattinathar's famous lines on Kacci Ekamba

    "Kalla pizhayum Karuthapizhayum Kachinthurugi "

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