• Folks, Wake up... its the 3rd already. What about the fifth meeting?

    Since the timing and venue has not yet been finalized, I propose the following:

    Venue: Marina beach, Gandhi statue.
    Date and time: 5th August 5PM
    Gathering: 5.00-5.30PM . Feel free to use my phone no. to coordinate:
    98407-madan (98407-62326 in numbers) - This number belongs to Madan -
    duh ;)
    Adi Pathinettu enjoyment and talks: 5.30 PM - 6.30 PM
    Discussion about inscription course: 6.30 PM - 7.00 PM

    (Bring/buy your own snacks, tea)

    Whoever is coming please mail the list, so that we can keep track. Pl.
    confirm only if you are *definitely* coming. Tentative RSVPs will be
    questioned in no soft words later. :)

    By friday(4th auguest) evening, I will compile and publish the list of
    attendees and confirm the meeting.

    Suggestions about the venue, agenda welcome. about date/time - NO, as
    it has been pre-planned already.
  • Saturday, I've office. I'll come, but a bit unsure. I'll try my best.
  • hi,

    count me in for the meeting on saturday.
  • Dear Sir

    I am Bangalorean , despite my wish to participate . I,m not in aposition to participate.

    In future, make one such ameeting in bangalore also.

  • Please drop the sir.

    About the Bangalore meeting... am not sure how many people from Chennai
    would be able to come (just like you are not able to come to Chennai ;). But
    seriously, I think there are quite some number of people - very knowledgable
    - I should add, in Bangalore. If you have some agenda in mind, why dont you
    go ahead and organize one?

    Am sure nobody would be against it. Wherever the meeting is, we expect a few
    photos and a short write-up at the end of it. :)
  • Hi
    there are some cative members in Blore and they have already met there twice

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