A Poignant mail from Karthikeyan's mother (Ponniyinselvan)
  • Dear all

    The following email was sent by Ponniyinselvan Group member
    Karthikeyan's mother.

    Amazing to note that the sad Mother is trying to carry on her son's
  • Dear all,

    That is such a poignant, sad mail. I cannot imagine how she must feel. And
    yet, I feel glad that she's here in PS. Mrs Kalavathy - we're so glad you're
    writing. I'd known him - we used to trade mails for a while. I always found
    him a hearty person, full of the love for life. And his love for PS itself,
    was great.

    Thanks for forwarding the mail, G.
  • Its something great, we all still remember karthikeyan's contribution,
    We are really gifted to have a mother in our group and continue our

    let us all pls welcome our karthikeyan's mother .
  • I had some exchange of mails with Karthikeyan long
    back. I found him very bright and with lot of entho.

    We welcome you madam, to this bubbling PS group, it
    would be most appropriate for you carry on what he was
    doing in the group.
  • Dear Karthik Amma (We feel great and like honouring your son and you by
    calling like this, rather than your own name!!) we deeply regret his demise
    and also feel great for the effort you have taken to carry on your son's
    ideologies and interests. Which ever language you write , we can feel your
    feelings by your mail. Give your number and address so that we all will ever
    be in touch with you for any help.
  • hallo p.s lovers,
    i am ponniyinselvan's mother and i join your group to contribute on
    behalf of my son
  • "Dear Karthickamma
    It was a great loss for us as a friend I cant explain how big a loss it ll be for you
    All I can say is Welcome and once again we all share your loss and admire you for carrying on your sons dream and work

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