Raja Raja chola....
  • Hi
    This is mainly with respect to the question "Who is
    Nandini?" The answer to this is not very simple I
    guess (if u go by what the History actually would have
    been)and a lot of things have to be brought to light
    before answering this.
    Instead of answering this question I would like to
    write a lot other things i learnt in the last couple
    of days during my travel to the Chola kingdom of
    Rajaraja chola....I had been on a religious trip to
    some temples near kudanthai n trichy and i happened to
    see the Pallippadai which Rajendra chola, son of raja
    raja chola has built for Panchavanmaadevi (one of the
    wives of Rajarajan). The question now is why did
    rajendra build a temple for only one of his
    stepmothers(n note it : not even for his mother?) n
    even then why only to this stepmother?! Please try n
    ponder over it...
    In the meanwhile i will try n compose a mail of
    all that i have learnt in the past few days from Mr.
    Sundhar Bhardawaj, who is an ardent fan of kalki, a
    very close friend of Balakumaran n who is spending a
    lot of his efforts in unearthing the chola history
    especially around the time of rajaraja chola...
    I am not as good a story teller as he is... but i
    will try my best n pass on the information to you
    Bye till then
  • Dear Chola history lovers,
    This is a sort of continuation to the last mail I
    sent you... Please remember this is only a very
    feasible theory...
    During the war against the Pandyas, where "Veera
    Pandiyan" was defeated(which is quoted in PS also),
    sundara chozha had sent his son Aadithya Karikaalan
    and his brother Kandaraathithya Chozha's offspring
    Madhuraanthagan(later Uttama Chozha) to win the war
    against the Pandyas. Thw war was won but Veera
    Pandiyan had escaped. It was Aditya who chased him to
    his hiding and killed him. In the meanwhile, we should
    remember that the mixup of characters need not have
    happened at all. The original Madhuraanthagan must
    really have wanted the kingdom and so when
    aadithya(the crowned orince then) went on tis chase,
    he might have got in touch with the terrorists like
    Ravidhasan who must have promised Madhuraanthagan to
    win his kingdom back by killing the crown prince. The
    fact that Uttama chozhan had given Ravidhasan a very
    high position and gave hime control which is valid
    over all the three chozha regions( the original chozha
    empire, the extended chozha empire and the foreign
    lands like lanka n other islands captured by the
    chozha empire). There is a kalvetttu to prove this.
    will touchupon this point later.
    Rajarajan must have sensed the danger from Uttama
    Chozhan who removed Aniruddha Brahmaraayar n
    appointed his own minister called Nakkan(i am sorry i
    dont know his full name) who happens to have adopted
    "Thillai Azhagi" ( a dancer) or Panchavanmadevi(one of
    the wives of Rajaraja as mentioned in my previous
    mail). Of course there might have been some subtle
    means by which he finds out that the ruling king had
    something to do with the murder of his brother
    aadithya. So, he is also in a perpetual danger from
    the king who would expect him to create problems and
    would have always been watching his actions lest it
    should disturb his rule. During sich a time, he must
    have married this panchavanmadevi mostly for political
    reasons. Her father, the minister must have helped in
    revealing the secrets of the king and the most
    powerful minister (ravidhaasan). When he comes to
    power he captures all the lands of this minister and
    his asociates and makes all his family leave the
    country. This is there in one kalvettu. This kalvettu
    only speaks of Ravidhasan as holding the high
    positions in Uttama Chozhas rule. (as i had quoted
    earlier in this mail). Thus Panchavanmaadevi became
    the queen to help restore Rajarajan to power and help
    take revenge of his brother's murder. But she had
    promised that she wouldnt create any sort of
    competition to Rajendra chozha's rule. Moreover,
    Rajendra was also brought up y this queen. That is why
    Rajendra had a spl. comsideration and created a
    pallipadai for this great queen.
    that is it for this mail, more in other mails.
  • A small correction...

    Maduranthaka Devar who went to the Battlefields
    along with Aditya was not the original son of
    Kandaraditta.(he was having good contacts with
    Ravidasan..he was just a Bait)

    Senthan amudhan was the original son of
    Kandaradhitta and he is the uttama choza who ruled the
    chola kingdom b4 rajaraja.

    Senthan amudhan does not have any relationship with
    Manthiravadhi Ravidasan .This kalvattu which talks
    about this Minister must be a different Ravidasan...!!

    Please confirm whether this is correct..

    -sundar Pasupathy
  • yes thats true... initially i was baffled reading lavanya's mail. i thought that i had totally misunderstood ps. your mail clarifies it.
    one more thing.. i remember reading in the latest edition of ps that uttama chola ruled the kingdom well and after that rajaraja cholan just took over from him. ( my understanding is that it was peaceful).
    from my understanding of characters, i cannot imagine senthan amuthan who later became uttama chola(whom i think is what lavanya is referring to) and who is supposedly a siva bhakta, trying to do political plots, remover aniruddhar and stuff like that...this man was not willing to rule the empire even when he knew that he was entitled to the throne. how could he plot against adhithakarikalar when he did not even have the guts to reveal a simple thing as love to poonguzhali?
    there is a mix up somewhere or i have misunderstood. pls clarify.

    Prathiba Natesan
    (979) 260 3992/ (979)8623802/ (979) 4580126
    "Two roads diverged in a wood and I-

    I took the one less traveled by,

    and that has made all the difference"- Robert Frost
  • The plot to override athiththa karikala was done by
    "duplicate" madhuranthakan along with sambuvaraiyar
    sinna pazuvettaraiyar (his father-in-law),
    Unfortunately adiththa died.

    Senthan amuthan ruled the kingdom with a historical
    name of "uththma Chola". Agreed he was very timid and
    calm before knowing he was the son of
    kandaradhitta..But the Magic of power and authority
    will change anyone...and he has to play by the rules
    of his position...right..??

    -sundar Pasupathy
  • Hi
    that is correct acc. to the PS by kalki... the
    problem is all these are actually the same person and
    kalki, an ardent lover of the cholas did not want to
    protray a chola king badly. In fact it is the same
    character n we shd acceot that as a writer he is
    permitted that much of twists in his tale...
    I hope this convinces u... now u can imagine how
    things are... there was no senthan amudhan.. it is
    just that the madhuranthagan became an uttamn in
    betwen n proved to be a good person, got hold of the
    kingdom. It is there in the kalvetu that this uttama
    chozhan had ravidhasan as his minister...
    I hope things are clear now though it is extremely
    difficult for all us PS lovers to contradict what
    kalki has written... in fact is not actually a
    contradiction... just a twist which is granted to a
    fiction writer... not all that kalki has writen is
    completely history, isnt it?!!!
    That is ti for now
  • Hi Lavanya,

    There might be inscriptions supporting the fact
    that chola Kingdom was ruled by uttama Chola. But we
    do not know for sure that It was not senthan amudhan.

    also, the people of chola Kingdom were totally
    against Maduranthakan because of his conspiracy
    against sons of sundara chola.

    So, I am still finding it very difficult to beleive
    that senthan amudan never existed. I also know the
    fact that PS is also a fiction based on Chols Empire.
    But I dont agree that since kalki likes cholas very
    much, he has not written bad about uttama chola.Though
    PS is a master piece, Kalki has written about other
    kings also. Even in PS, he has written lot of bad
    things about Adiththa karikala - showing him as a
    Lunatic, and becuase of that people's support was more
    for rajaRaja.

    Adiththa karikalan is also a chola King....!!!

    ANyway, thanks for the Response. If you know anything
    "thiruvalankaatu seppeedukaL" in net, let me know.

  • Dear Uma,

    That is a differnt Lavanya. She helped me with the first brush with our one and only SB.
  • >
    > Dear Uma,
    > That is a differnt Lavanya. She helped me with the first brush with
    our one and only SB.
    > -- ram

    Hey Ram,

    where are you these days? I am going through the first 100 mails (
    which ever is available) and pleasantly surprised to see where the
    group has reached in these years.....

    I am sure in the coming years, we can move more positively towards
    restoration and preservation of the historically important places.
    Looks like, it is time to register our group as a Trust with its
    objectives well-defined.
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