chola -pandyan battles
  • Dear all,

    we need to discuss the animosity betwee the two most powerful clans of
    tamil land.

    when did this animosity start?
    what were their major battles?

    did they ever get together against some king?( I remember pari faced
    them together, and pari is reportedly an anscestor of one of our
    members, so I expect her to participate actively)

    when and where did the pandyas and cholas inter marry? we have one
    instance in SS.

    I think this topic would involve many.
    will gokul and sps take the lead?
  • Thanks venkat. Certainly an interesting topic.

    I started reading pandiyas but sort of not taken deep interest.
    Their history is as fantastic as cholas and unfortunately no due
    focus has been given either to their artistic contributions nor the
    history as a whole. This is what an eminent historian told me.

    Lack of knowledge prevents me from taking this subject forward. But
    I shall start a thread soon on the origins of pandiyas.

    Very best regards
  • there should have been someone in either of the clan or both the clan
    who knows, like our "imsai arasan 23m pulikesi"..

    may be it would have started from there... anybody knows about that???

    added to that our "vandhiyadevan" would have gone to pandya land and
    super theeni thinnu madurai city muzhukka gaali panniruppaan....

    pandiyargal innum kaduppaagi vanjam theerkka kaathundu
    irundhiruppaanga.... adhanaala dhaan GKC ai gaali pannaanga...
  • But 1 thing we can find, today also the name Pandian is still in common use in Madurai, lot of peoples having the name, but we can't find that much Chola names in Tanjore.

    May be still the peoples love the name pandiyas?
  • not just pandi's.... lot of "Laguda Pandi's" too...

    atleast had the government allowed using kings name for
    buses.. "cholan transport " would have existed... .adhilayum mannai
    vaari pottutaanunga...

    aarudhalukku "cholan express" mattum dhaan irukku nnu ninaikkaren...
  • I am not sure if this theory is correct, the cholas had been killed without any progeny, but in the case of pandiyas, their progeny has survived(pandalam kings are rumoured to be direct descendants of pandyas).

    can someone point me to good books on Chera & Pandiya history and lineage?

    Also, by chance I came across Balakumaran's Udayar(RRC - biography), can someone give their views on this one.
  • While seeing this reference to pandis, a thought comes to mind: Malayalis refer to tamils (or the people of south Tamizhnadu) as pandis (not a revered usage, though)
  • i dont think that cholas have been killed without any progeny...
    there was one "Mr. Nagaraja chozhan M.A. " some 10 years back..
  • If we get in that, we all will be leftout only with questions

    The real Chola from Vijayalayaa ends with Adirajendra, after that there is no real Chola.

    if u go more deep in to that we will have only questions? example, can any 1 say the son and grand son name of Rajathiraja? We need to study more, and even we can't find much mail reg,this

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