• > Instead of talking in General, we are getting into specifics. Good.

    That reminds me.
    How are we going along with PSVP ? I saw some initial agenda during the
    formation of the peravai. Should we get into some specific things and
    start working towords that ? That will result in focus of energies. We
    could brainstrom on what can be taken up as the first project or so..

    Any thoughts ?
  • Dear Gokul,

    After seeing the Big Temple, I thought we should bring
    about an exclusive, collectors edition book on Raja
    Raja Cholan. That could be our first project.
  • -an informative website should be the firsat plan.
    with so many computer experts

    inscription details
    walk tro plan

    anything you need to know about the temple should be there.

    the materiel can go on to become a book later
  • If we make it on a website, then the interest on the
    book will be lost :-( But a CDROM with a virtual tour
    along with a narration by a scholar such as Dr.
    Kudavayil will be an attraction. The CDROM should be
    bundled with the book.
  • Discovery Channel has released a CD on Egypt. The
    narrator sailing in a boat on Nile and the story of
    Egypt and the pyramids and the kings told in a very
    interesting way; the viewer is virtually taken on a
    tour of the pyramid. Very professional. With crossword
    games, puzzles and quiz, it makes the information very

    We should do something like that.
  • dear all

    a cd is an excellent idea( i can right now even imagine the cover)
    ms. uma can you give us a list of things you would like to see on a
    cd about cholas/ periya koil/ ps
    based on your recent purchase of egypt cd
  • Physical / geographical
    1. Cauvery river delta area

    2. The fertile fields of Chola desam

    3. Dams - those days and also present

    4. Periya Kovil - part by part - each and everything
    covered extensively

    Historical / with kalvettu or copper plate proof

    5. Chola Dynasty

    6. Greatness of Rajaraja Chola

    7. Greatness of Rajendra chola

    8. Major architectural wonders built by Chola Kings

    9. Information on Town management, water management,
    elections etc.

    10. Highlights on costumes, jewellery, education,
    language, literature, health care, etc.

    Views/ Opinions

    11. An expert comment on all the assumptions - with a
    positive approach

    12. Good months to visit the place with suggested air
    / rail/ road ways etc.

    Games, puzzles, cross-word based on the information
    given at suitable places to make the reading /
    listening interesting.

  • > Games, puzzles, cross-word based on the information
    > given at suitable places to make the reading /
    > listening interesting.

    Before getting into details I wish to know if a collection on Rajaraja -
    be it website or otherwise - is the project we are embarking on

    SPS seems to have other ideas - he wants to get the grounds right I

    Pl opine.
  • Dear SPS,

    Great idea! Waiting for further instructions from you
    and Gokul.

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