Inscription reading course
  • Hi,

    How many of us will be able to attend this training,
    if conducted in Chennai, during week ends ?

    Assume that it starts during mid July 2006 and lasts
    for about 3 months.

    It will cost some money and field travels.

    Assume that you can bring in your interested friends &
    relatives too.

    To start with, I'm enrolling myself.

    Reply to this thread by saying "I'M ON"

    We will try to work out the logistics and contents in
    parallel separately.
  • Hey,

    I am interested in offsite classes.. but if u have planned field trips, I am in..
  • I'm in too!

    er, should I have said, "I'm ON"?

  • Hi All,

    Please go through the contents in the web sites:

    Looks like a full archeology course! Some Kanchi kind
    of universities can think of offering such courses!!

    Besides, it looks like Government Museum, Tiruchi
    Numismatics Society and Urumu Dhanalakshmi College
    conducted some simillar courses before See link

    No big enrollment in our group anyway!
  • Dear SPS,

    This is wonderful...

    Let us see how many people enroll from our group...
  • how do we enroll?
  • DearSPS sir,
    Ok on fee and structure.Pls tell us what is NEXT. I am awaiting and kicking
    fast to start.!!
    When will the course commence? Have the letter asked by teh deputy registrar
    of Kanchi University submitted to him? Pls let me know, if I can be of any
  • Just say that you want to be enrolled. I will try to
    maintain a list of participants. Also see if any of
    your friends are interested in such things. Per mail
    below, we need a head count of 20 minimum.
  • Are these courses be conducted on Holidays and Venue?
  • Hi All,

    I have created a database for enrolling by yourself. Add your details
    to the database and will be counted in.

    Feel free to add any new column or remove.

    Many thanks to SPS for kind words on
  • I have added my entry. Other interested members pl. do so too. Kamalakannan
    has really thought well about the database... its like filling an
    application. Good work, Kamal.
  • I have made entries for these names in the database with whatever info I
    had, ppl. could you pl. fill in the rest of the information using the
    database link in the groups site?

    Sankaran has updated the database directly (thanks Sankaran). That makes the
    current count 5.
  • Hi All,

    since I am living in Bangalore, I would like to know the course schedules and dates and the location, so that i can plan my trips in advance. Is there a possibility of holding out such a class in Bangalore also? Do we have enough members in Bangalore?

    Do let me know
  • Hi,

    Yes it is. It should happen on holidays ( ie Saturday
    / Sunday etc., ) Venue we are not sure of now..
    Depends upon the headcount perhaps.
  • I am interested..
  • Please add your name in the database section. We will
    comeback to you when we have more work done on this.
  • Dear SPS

    My friend Sriram is also showed his interest, (who joined in our last Tanjore Tour) adding his name in Database

  • I am On . But if it is around October-November.
  • Iam interested
  • The course starts in mid of July 2006 and lasts for about 3 months.

    My suggestion is: Any one of the weeks among those can be left as holiday. Because, we may have to go to our native during those week-end. It is just a suggestion. I'll follow back the majority's decision.
  • Please add your name too...
  • what about the certification? do we have some progress there?
  • Dear SPS,

    > Chandra - are we finalising the venue for 23rd meet or shall we
    > it off.

    Why but? Uma is coming for 23rd visit as planned. Let the Adi 18
    be seperate. If you want both to be combined, you have to decide
    to combine, postpone 23rd meet.Tell me today, so that I will not
    get the room booked in RK school.
  • Cound any one tell me the status on the "Inscription Reading Course"?

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