• That is the greatness of our religion and freedom of speech ..

    We can do any kind of mudsling on our selves ..

    RRC was sinned so eradicated sin .. Wonderful ..

    We will discuss in due course what are the grounds for Periya koil
    construction. sps
  • Dear SPS,

    Quite Interesting Topic. Contrversial too.

    But for Kalki's Glorification of RRC and Kundavi, what would have
    been the perspective?.

    The effecto of PS is so much that we cant even think of some
    alternative atleast for the sake of discussion.

    I would like to put forth the following view.

    1. Uthama was not interested in ascending throne (either on his own
    or because of other compelling reasons). This was the situation
    before AKs Murder. Hence he need not be killed.

    2. Only block was AK.

    3. Things turned differently after AK.

    Any takers?.
  • Dear SPS,

    I don't think this is a religious issue. After all RRC was just another king
    (however "great" his works might have been) and as open to interpretation as
    any other person. I never mentioned that RRC eradicated sin... lots of
    completely unscrupulous kings have built temples and churches and mosques..
    that doesn't imply they were good. My point is, as Venkatesh Krishnan
    mentioned, that the PS version has so captured peoples imagination that they
    have turned RRC into some sort of deity, not to be questioned. My aim is to
    give an alternative scenario and see how the more learned members of this
    group like yourself, Venketesh, Gokul etc can refute it. We will all learn
    that way, isn't it?:-)

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