Minutes of meeting held on 4th June 2006
  • Minutes of the meeting:
    Authored by : SPS and Madan.

    Event : Meeting of the members of the ponniyin selvan yahoogroup
    (http://groups.yahoo.com/group/ponniyinselvan/) - The Perfect outfit
    to bring Historical facts to light Scholors of various historical
    fields also attended.

    Date : 4th June 2006, 6PM IST
    Venue : Sri Ramakrishna mutt school, Opp. Panagal Park, T. Nagar, Chennai.


    Dr. Sathyamurthy, Suptt Archlgist, ASI (Retd)
    T. N. Ramachandran, Epigraphist & www.varalaru.com
    Dr. Dasarathan, Palm-leaf specialist
    Dr. Sathyanarayanan, Deputy Registrar, Chandrasekarendra University, Kanchi.
    Mr. T. K. V. Rajan,Archelogist, Eminent media personality
    Mr. Swaminathan, www.thinnai.com
    Mr. Ganesa Nadar - Businessperson interested in History

    Kamalakkannan (flew back to Japan that night), Madam Seethalakshmi
    (USA) ahd her sister, Seetharaman (Kumbknm), Satish, Sankaran, Krupa
    (one of the Moderators), and Madan attended the meet.

    Plastics Chandra organised the meet. SPS co-ordinated.

    Meeting commenced with Thamizhthai Vaazhthu (Neerarum Kadaludutha ..)
    in participation by all those present.
    SPS gave an introduction touching down points as to how the Group was
    founded by Ram, Dr. Kalaikovan showed interest in Group activities and
    guided the members launch www.varalaaru.com and Gokul working on
    reconstruction of Thanjai paintings with the help of scholars like
    Sathiamurthy and formation of PS Varalatru Peravai - an exclusive arm
    of our Group and requested Sathiamurthy to eloborate.

    Dr. Sathyamurthy, Suptt Archeologist, ASI, then talked about the huge
    number of temples that are in ruins. He said that 60% of all
    stone-carvings in Indian history is of the Tamil origin. He noted the
    interesting fact that there was no oral-passage of knowledge
    (like vedas were passed orally down traditions) in the tamil culture,
    and suggested that this was proof that tamil had a well defined script
    far earlier than the north indian languages. He sadly observed that
    the governments mistakenly regard the historical tamil artifacts as
    non-secular, as they are mostly found in places of worship. He
    observed that the simple stones lying in the temples could be of
    monumental importance, and locals should be involved in an effort to
    protect whatever is left of these ruined, un-protected artifacts.

    The best way to do this is to educate the locals read what is scribed
    there in their temples. To do this, first, a group of enthusiasts
    should know how to read them and teach them. For such purposes and
    to protect and preserve Cultural properties, an Academy of Archeology
    and Sciences of Ancient India (AASAI) is being registered by Dr.
    Sathiamurthy involving Scholars of other fields with SPS & Gokul
    participating from our Group and Plastic Chandra co-ordinating.

    Under this forum:

    (1) A certificate course on Epigraphy will be launched - of about 5
    - 6 months duration - evenings Sat / Sun - 2 hr classes with an exam
    on reading estempages - before giving away the Certificate which will
    be recognised by the Kanchi University to begin with. Syllabus is
    being worked. www.varalaru.com Ramachandran, Swaminathan and his
    friend Satish will be handling this. Venue will be finalised depending
    on enrolement. More details later.

    (2) Preservation of temples / cultural properties will be taken up
    with technical soundness. Details later. (Incidentally Kannagi Temple
    in ruined form - in Kerala -TN Border is reported in Dinamalar. This
    also may figure in the agenda)

    Mr. T. N. Ramachandran, Epigraphist gave a detailed Speech. He
    explained the distinction between hieroglyphics and a well defined
    phonetics based script. He showed with examples that hieroglyphs were
    a raw form of language, while phonetical scripts were more advanced,
    as there was no space for differing interpretations in the latter. He
    said, thus Tamil was a more advanced language than what prevailed in
    the Indus Valley civilizations. He warned, however, that even though
    evidences about the antiquity of tamil/brahmi, and superiority over
    the indus valley civilizations are emerging day by day, we should not
    fall prey to over-enthusiasm and hype up not-so-well-defined-facts.
    This is because we are being watched with awe by all over the world,
    and we should not err in our claims. Rather we should let the facts
    talk for themselves.

    Dr. Dasarathan, then talked of the unclaimed 'kalvettu'kkal in various
    parts of the S.India and his rendezvous with "Kalvettum
    Katthirikkayum"! He also described how palm-leaf-writing could be of
    historical importance, and how many such historically significant
    palm-leaf-writings are spread throughout the land, without attempts at
    interpretations, which could significantly lead to a change of our
    current understanding of history.

    Dr. Sathyanarayanan, then spoke at length about his interest in
    'Ponniyin Selvan' and his association with Dr. Sathyamurthy. He
    offered to recommend to Kanchi University, for a certificate course,
    if the group could come up with a write-up and syllabi which the said
    Academy of ASAI is working on.

    Mr. T. K. V. Rajan,an Archelogist. then described the efforts by the
    media with regard to preservation of historical artifacts. He
    described some interesting anecdotes from "Kalvettu sollum kathai". He
    spoke of a cave near Arakonam wherein 75000 yr old human remains are
    identified by him.

    Mr. Swaminathan of thinnai.com and Ganesha Nadar expressed thier
    appreciation for the group and offered support.

    PS Group members introduced themselves individually, and the following
    themes came out:

    - The fusion that made of Information Technlogy with History has been
    so far very much sucessful.
    - What started as "My Hero Vandhiathevan .. Enchanting Nandhini .. "
    is now brewing into " Whether Emperor Asoka borrwed scripts of Brahmi
    from Tamil Brahmi ? " .. kind of very advanced scientific / historical
    research discussions.
    - Also implimentation of advancements in Tenchlogoy to KNOW OUR
    HISTORY. " NAMAKKU NAAMEY " (We for Ourselves .. ) is today's slogan
    and how we are getting geared up in finding out TRUE UNADULTURED
    HISTORY of our Motherland !
    - The shared Wisdom of the scholars with the enthusiastic Infortech
    personnel is bound to preserve ancient artifacts and will be of
    immense benefits to the HISTORY.
    - Like www.varalaaru.com, and big temple Painting Restorations and
    PSVP, we are moving forward with the programme of inscription leading
    to begin with.

    Regarding brigning the Tamil estempages from Mysore,Dr. Sathiamurthy
    assured that AASAI will be handling this with the help all quarters
    including PS Group.

    Meeting co
  • Good write up Madan, very few only got the skill of writting, u r also 1 among them, v r expecting lot from u, keep u r keyboard open.

    Gokul, pls guide him, sure he will become a good writer.
  • Dear Madan,

    Thanks for the initiative. As Sankaran rightly mentioned try to
    write more.

    That reminds me : We also informally requested Kamal and Ram to make
    more contributions to the Group.

    Madam Sethalakshmi complimented Gokul to work on some Master piece.

    R.Venkat is already sitting tight on a Master piece ..

    Omissions inadvertant ..

    Nice to know that our group is providing platform to more talented
    youth ..

  • Dear Madan

    That was a very precise capture of information. Very good work. Keep it

    I see a very potential contributor to our group in you.

    Let us all move together.
  • Dear Madan,

    Thanks for the report. Gives me feeling that I too
    attended the meeting!

    Now about certificate course on Epigraphy -- My
    request is to have an online course too - for the
    benefit of people residing outside Chennai.

    May be an intensive one week or 10 days contact
    programme can follow.

    Any other ideas?
  • Thanks all for the response to minutes. Will do my best. :)

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