• Dear SPS

    I am wondering whether Ambalavan Gandarathithan and Vikrama chozha
    marayan are same !
  • Friends

    Accepting, yes, Vikrama Chola is Uttama's another name, the person Pzhuvur Nakkan who was with Uttama then changed his stands in favour of RR.

    perfect, as quoted in earlier mail Udayankudi inscription (refer SPS mail on Dr.Balu Book) not related to RR and its belongs to may be Uttam.. correct

    Then whats the need for nakkan to change his stand ,cos he was already enjoying a higher position in that govt.

    and also how come RR gave him importance to a person who just changed his stand, Logically not coming up.

    there has to be some other link, a political game behind that, which was not directly disclosed and of our inscriptions. May be even the marriage of Panchavan mahadevi is also a political arrangement and not Love

    May be the transfer of power from uttama to RR has not happend in smooth way, there has to some transaction ...

    we need more input ...
  • Shankara,

    During BJP's rule DMK was a close aid of BJP and enjoyed all the
    powers. Next election they are close aid of Congress and enjoying
    powers. Congress depends on DMK for its foothold in TN. They are
    giving importance to DMK inspite of they being a close aid of the
    previous BJP govenrment.

    Arasiyalla logic ellam kidayathuppa. where there is power there is
    support. These politics are nothing new.

    Just changing sides alone will not provide any evidence for us to
    speculate. Gokul, SPS rangela edhavathu think pannu... :)
  • Satish

    Pls don't compare present politics with RR politics. He is something great

    The level of Knowledge both Gokul and SPS has is very high, to my knowledge only i can write.

    The query is if DR.Bala's writting is correct means, the power change from uttama to RR not happend smoothly as we think.

    and as we think uttama may not have any connection with AK murder

    Thats was my point
  • Dear Gokul,

    Both are same. Evidenced.

    Dear Shankaran,

    I am yet to post the findings of Dr. Kudavoil - in favour of Uthama -
    in the Files section. Scanning now to put tmrw.

    We will hear the views of members on this. Then we will see whether
    there is adequate reason to think against.

    Dear Satish,

    Valangaiman) temple inscriptions, there appears to have been a
    PONMARI (Shower of Gold !) during AK's period!

    Put on the auspicious eve of Akshaya Thrithiyai!

    Dear Ram / Kamal,

    The gap to be filled is :: Whether Uthama and RRC co-ruled for 2
    years 985 AD to 987 AD. Will look into these details by mid May and

    anbudan / sps
  • Dear Shankaran,

    I don't see why we shouldn't compare politics today and in those days. Human
    nature has changed very little over the past thousands of years. The same
    desires, goals, lust, greed, love have driven human beings across millennia.
    I doubt if RR or his people would have been any different from us. Sure, he
    might have had some wonderful qualities, but let's not deify the man. Who
    knows paybe in a 1000 years, Karunanidhi might have similar wonderful
    qualities attributed to him :-)

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