About Vedas ! ! ! Is this true..........!
  • Was shared in another group.

    Any comments on this ! ! ! Is this true.......!

  • We are not here to comment on these silly things, they wants publicity they r doing this, simple, we don't wants to give them publicity by giving comment

  • Its very much evident that this person even dont know the spelling
    of vedam. sure he has not read even a line from the vedas. Any sane
    person who can grasp atleast a few words from sanskrit can easily
    tell that everything written by this person is bullshit.

    As the meaning of vedam, history of india are written by the biased
    europeans, only the biased people writes about vedam.

    As sankaran rightly pointed out this is cheap publicity.
  • this person is so prejudiced on vedas. would have been better if he
    had expressed his views in a more polite way. there is nothing wrong
    in being tamil fanatic but he shouldnt deceive people by conceiving
    wrong notion about vedas.
  • Interesting Topic!

    Lot of support for Vedas. I didn't know any thing about vedas neither do I know Sanskrit. Could you please tell me the core principles of Vedas and why was Vedas written and for whom?
  • Hi,
    Here is the link,
    You can check the things by urself.
  • As they say its impossible to measure the depth of an ocean with a six inch scale and so is the case with this guy..hes written some absolute bull shit..we should all leave a comment on his website telling him that it is not that easy to assimilate and act according to the Vedas..it requires a lot of maturity in terms of thought and action to act according to the Vedas..

    Extremely cheap way of promoting onself..
  • Hello,

    It is unfortunate that people comment on Vedas without
    proper knowledge or information. Now lets us look what
    are Vedas are about. Sorry its going to be lengthy.

    Vedas are written in highly allegorical language.
    That is in a very symbolic language. The word "agni"
    means the force in our hearts which propels us to do
    good things. Vedic seers were great poets who used the
    outside burning fire (agni) as a symbolic
    representation of this burning fire in our hearts do
    to good.

    Agni �� the divine will:
    "Agni is the will of seers; supreme in spiritual
    audition; the very truth."
    - Rig Veda 1.1.5

    Like this, all the devathas mentioned are inner forces
    within us which We have to cultivate to attain
    enlightenment. Veda's subject is Spirituality and not
    rituals as it is popularly believed. In Samhita
    portions of Rig there is not a single ritual or a
    story given. All these kind of inner forces in us have
    been described and ways are given on how to develop
    them to attain enlightenment.

    Lets understand what is Vedas first. Vedas are made up
    of two parts. One is Samhita. Other is brahmana.
    Brahmana is again divided into 3 parts, namely
    brahmana, aranyaka and upanishads.

    Following lines are from a soon to be published book
    on Vedas by Shri R.Rangan:
  • Keerthi,

    Well said!

    Vedas should be translated properly in all regional
    languages of India and preached!
  • Hi All,
    I understand that Veda has great principles in it. That doesn't mean that it should be preached here. I think we (Tamils) have rich set of literature which is enough to guide our people.
    I have few questions.
    1. Why is 'VEDAS' always learnt or talked about by only certain group of people?
    2. Why is Sanskrit still used in Temples? Doesn't Tamil contains words to praise God?
    3. Why does Indian Govt. took such a long time to announce Tamil as a 'Classical Language'?
    4. Why is certain people (sanskrit) not ready to accept Tamil as root language for all south indian languages (Kannada,Malayalam,Telugu)?

    I think this GROUP SHOULD GIVE MORE PREFERENCE TO TAMIL and discuss its heritage. I feel We should not allow to use this forum for the purpose that undermine Tamil in any way directly or indirectly.

    One sad thing is even Tamils (not all) are giving due respect to Tamil not to mention about other societies.
  • Dear Jagathesh
    Very interesting most people keep talking about vedas and the various interpretations of their views of it
    However a few appreciate a simple yet clear doctrine of best practise as a human being...The Thirukural

    Incidentally folks I have uploaded a Thirukural Pdf with english meaning in our files section if you are interested

  • Dear Mr. Jagadesh,

    its heritage. I feel We should not allow to use this forum for the
    purpose that undermine Tamil in any way directly or indirectly. "

    Please go through Archieves and see how many mails have flown on
    Tamil Culture - Literature etc. As rightly observed by Mr CCS Rajan
    discussing other language does not mean to undermine Tamil.

    Vedas already translated, read and discussed widely in English and
    other foreign languages. Group Indology - more participants from
    members of Non-Indian origin - discusses Indian Literature and
    Culture very extensively.

    We are in India, which is multi-lingual state.

    We have been already discussing that the Brahmi used by Emperor
    might have geen migrated from the Brahmi - Tamil - which was
    evidently in use during 3rd BC - 3rd AD.

    Representation of Tamils in the Central Cabinet is becoming possible
    only now and hence these matters are also taken up.

    Pls go through earlier mails. History is not properly taught to us
    in Schools.

    We are all aware that Tamil contains Holistic words :

    Thirugnana Sambandar hymned and a girl Poombavai came out of the
    mudpot wherein her bones were kept - near Mylapore Kabaleeswarar

    Recent mail talks of releasing a Stamp for Thiruvalluvar.
    We have to bring out the works of Thirumnoolar also.

    We are united and discussing here because of Ponniyinselvan, who is
    described as Lord Vishnu having the marks of Sanghu and Chakram - in
    the Sanskrit portion of Thiruvalangadu Copper plates!

    anbudan / sps
    Our Group
  • Sorry to have used the word "preached", for those who
    got offended in this forum. I didn't mean to preach
    vedas here. I just meant that enough information
    should be available so that people can know what these
    vedas are all about. If interested they can buy and
    read them, provided proper contemporary translations
    are available.
  • Dear Mr.SPS,
    Thanks for your elaborate mail.

    I never said that we should not discuss other topics. But my concern was topics which undermine Tamil language directly or indirectly should not be encouraged.

    Also I know from the archives that this group had very good discussions in the past. That doesn't stop us from discussing similar topics.
    Moreover this group is dedicated for RR topic discussion. Members may be frustrated by the topics which are irrelevent. Not all the members will come out and express themselves. Most members are silent listeners. So, they should not be neglected. That may make them move away from the group.

    Also I think non-indian and indian origin friends came to this forum to discuss RR related topics. Because lot of other groups are there to discuss general topics.

    Please correct me if I'm wrong.
  • Hi,
    The hot debate over here actually made me read deep into the issue. I have came across similar views (as the source of this discussion) in quite a lot of places.

    Please go through this 'wikipedia' about 'Vedas' .(The contents under 'Critisism of Vedas' and source of the discussion have similar views). Please follow this link:

    1.I dig up this most potent medicinal creeper, by which (a wife) destroys a rival wife, by which she secures to herself her husband.
    2.0 (plant) with up-turned leaves, auspicious, sent by the Gods, powerful, remove my rival and make my husband mine alone.
    3.Excellent (plant) may I too be excellent amongst the excellent, and may she who is my rival be vile amongst the vile.
    4.I will not even utter her name, no (woman) takes pleasure in that person: may we remove the other rival wife to a distance.
    5.I am triumphing, thou art triumphant: we two being powerful will triumph over my rival.
    6.I make thee the triumphant (herb) my pillow, I support thee with that more triumphant (pillow): let thy mind hasten to me as a cow to her calf, let it speed on its way like water.

    1.Oh ! God Vayu, how very beautiful you are. We have prepared the Somarasa (an intoxicating drink) with spices. Pray come and drink it and grant us our prayers��Rig. Ved. I. 1.2.1.
    2.Oh! God Indra. Bring ye wealth for our protection. Let the wealth that you bring make us happy be increasing and everlasting and help us to kill our enemies��1. 1.8.1.
    3.Oh! ye people whenever you are performing your yajna, fail not to praise the Gods Indra and Agni. Advance their position and sing their praises in the Gayatri Meter��I. 21.2.
    4.Oh ! ye Agni, please bring the wives of the Gods and Twashta who are eager to come and drink Soma��I. 22.9.
    5.We pray that the Gods' wives come to us with all available wings and with all happiness��I. 22.11.
    6.I am praying the wives of Indra, Varuna and Agni to come to my place to drink Soma.
    7.Oh! Varuna, we are supplicating before you to remove your anger. Oh! ye Asura, you are all wise, relieve us from our sins��I. 24.14.
    8.Our Somarasa has been prepared by women who have churned it backward and forward. Oh! ye Indra we pray you to come and drink this Soma��1. 28.3.
    9.Your enemies who do not make any offering to you may disappear and let your followers who do prosper. Oh ! Indra give us best cows and best horses and make us famous in the world.��1. 29.4.
    10.Oh! Agni save us from Rakshasas, from cunning enemies, from those who hate us and want to kill us.��1. 36.15.
    11.Oh! Indra, you are a hero. Come and drink the Soma we have prepared and be ready to give us wealth. Loot the wealth of those who do not make you any offering and give the same to us��1. 81-8-9.
    12.Oh! Indra, drink this Soma which is the best, giving immortality and most intoxicating.��I. 84-4
    THE ABOVE ARE NOT MY VIEWS. Probably you may need to correct them if it is false.

    Some more link:
    http://www.ambedkar.org/riddleinhinduism/21A1.Riddles in Hinduism PART I.htm#r06

    Status of Tamil by a Professor (University of California):
    http://tamil.berkeley.edu/Tamil Chair/TamilClassicalLanguage/TamilClassicalLgeLtr.html
  • 'Mama' is a beautiful word in tamil. a child utters this word first
    and hence the mothers brother is called mama in tamil, meaning twice
    as lovable as (am)ma...love and affection beyond the childs mother..

    During my childhood days, I used to call all our neighbours and
    family friends as 'mama-mami' irrespective of whether they are
    brahmins or not. But our society has corrupted these two words that
    today we hesitate to utter these words. Mama is linked to a filthy
    profession and mami an notorious word used in films to depict
    bhrahmin ladies in bad light. But the original words meant different.

    Today when someone utters mama or mami a good person takes it in the
    right sense of a good relationship. a pervert will surely take it
    otherwise and laugh.

    same words different meaning to different people. Being good or
    pervert is in our hands. If one word can be twisted like this, think
    about a language like tamil or sanskrit which has thousand meanings
    to each words. The anti-vedic and anti-brahminic people will
    definitely like to take the wrong meaning and the good will take the

    Its in our hands to be perverts or not.
  • Hi,
    Could you please give the correct meaning then for those mentioned in the 'Critisism' list?
  • Dear SPS,
    Exactly thats my point too. 'Vedas' was created based on the creation time, creation environment (including creators' society). So, infact, Vedas were written keeping in mind a particular society.
    And, if so, and if the critisisms are true, then Vedas cann't be accepted by all in this current pluralistic society.
  • Hi Jagathesh,

    I think you didnt read my mail properly. Please do it once again. I
    said I have not read the vedas nor do I know Sanskrit. So I cant
    directly tell you the actual meaning of the lines you have put.

    For anything, there can be two meanings, the original meaning and a
    derived meaning. In my previous example, 'mama' as a good
    relationship is the original meaning. The context we use it today is
    the derived meaning. This does not mean that the original meaning
    itself was bad.
    The verses you have found or the ones which the great Charu has
    translated are derived meanings. Each one can derive their own
    meaning from any word.As I said, the perverts see the wrong meaning
    and the good souls see the correct meaning.

    Vedas are the epitome of gnana, the ultimate truth which each and
    every one should strive to achive. Great rishis and munis have spent
    their lifetime without understanding the true meaning of this
    knowledge, the Brahmam. If thats the case of such great people, who
    is this Charu or the pagutharivalars to tell the meaning of Vedas?
    Its like saying, I have drunk the full ocean just by drinking a drop
    from the ocean. Its ignorance.

    Often the 'soma panam' is referred and criticised that liqour is
    offered to the devas. It has been registered in our minds that Soma
    panam is liquor. In actual, Soma is a mooligai which gets its full
    potency during Full moon night and is capable of giving long life,
    health and prosperity. hence its named after the moon as Soma.
    Naravu is actually liquor. But our great pagutharivalars criticise
    vedas saying liquor is offered to gods and we intellectuals belive
    them without questioning ourselves. This is just a tip of the
    iceberg and likewise all the statement of vedas have been twisted or
    meaning has been DERIVED. oru panai sotrukku oru soru padam.

    Its said that brahmins never allowed others to read vedas. I accept
    that when one clan prospers some sort of attrocities do prevail in
    the society. But it should not be attributed to the vedas.
    Tirumoolar who was destined to write about the vedic principles in
    tamil is a idayan. Many rishis like Agathiyar,valmiki, are not
    brahmins. Even the sage vyasa who consolidated vedas is not a
    brahmin. sage Sugar, who is considered to be the epitome of gnana is
    a paraya.

    In kamba ramayanam, kambar says that, Rama, with the mouth in which
    he utters the vedas enquire about the welfare of the country people.
    When Lakshmana gets angry at many places, Rama consoles him saying
    that its not good for a person who chants the vedas to get angry.
    rama and lakshmana are kshatriyas and not brahmins. Even if we
    consider Ramayanam is just a story and not true, kambar would have
    written only about the practice he heard or the practice which was
    followed in his days. So its evident that 800 years back non-
    brahmins too chanted vedas.

    If vedas are really bad as these peeople picturise, it would not
    have survived for thousands and thousands of years. In just 60 years
    if these pagutharivalars have become epitome of knowledge by which
    they are capable of commenting on vedas, then our ancestors should
    have been fools for ages.

    We talk a lot about RRC and RJC who themselves have patronized vedas
    and brahmins. Are they fools to do so? If we boast about our
    ancestors who are so great in building wonders like Big temple, are
    they fools to close thier eyes on the attrocities of vedas?

    When Indian constitution was written, it was felt that the sc/st
    should grow up in educational and economic status and hence the
    reservation system was brought in. Ambedkar clearly said after 50
    years it should be abolished. Minorities were given special
    previlages only to grow up in social strature and feel secured in
    this land. But today we see that the reservation quota is increasing
    day by day, the minorities rule the majority and we cant do
    anything. Is it the fault of Constitution or the people? The
    constituion was right in its own sense, but we people misused it.
    Similarly, vedas were right in their own sense, but the people
    misused it. Critisicing vedas is like criticising the constitution
    for its reservation policy and minority policy.

    Recently I came across an article in Thinnai about Barathiyar. The
    link is ot working now and hence I could not provide the same here.
    The author has criticised Barathiyar saying that he is a pro-brahmin
    and advocated casteism. Any sane person will laugh at this even
    without reading all the works of Barathiyar. The proof the author
    shows are simply great. he picks up one line from a peom which gives
    a caste based meaning and says that Barathiyar is not great because
    he has written like this. But if you read the entire stanza of that
    poem the same line gives totally a different picture. The same
    strategy is being followed by the pagutharivalars to derive the
    meaning of vedas.

    Valluvar said 'Poimayum vaimayidatha puraitheerntha nanmai payakkum
    enin'. I can quote the first half 'poimayum vaimayidatha' and derive
    a meaning that valluvar equated poi and vaimai ie. truth and lie are
    one and the same and can tell that valluvar is a fraud who preaches
    that truth and lie are no different. Does it make sense? Unless the
    full kural is spelt out, the meaning is incomplete. Since we know
    tamil, we can negate that statement, but since we dont know sanskrit
    we are at a loss and blindly belive what the great people like
    periyar and charu say.

    Another best example is Karunanidhis remark on Bagavatgita around a
    year back. the whole world praises Bagavadgita, the greatest book on
    yoga. Whether the history behind is true or not, the content of the
    gita are of great value. It talks about gnana yoga, bhakthi yoga,
    raja yoga and karma yoga and finally Krishna says of all the yoga
    Karma yoga is the best and Arjuna, being a kshtriya you should do
    your karma of fighting and killing your enemies. If you remember
    Karunanidhis comment, he said that bhagavadgita preches violence and
    it talks about killing people. No Hindu protested or it was never
    made a big issue. So if a person can derive a meaning out of a world
    renouned book without being questioned, why cant the people of the
    same clan derive whatever meaning they want out of vedas?

    I have heard that Quran talks about killing people who dont worship
    alla. Will this karunanidhi or his clan ever dare t
  • satish,
    you are great.
    your mail is worth to preserve.
  • Vasishtar vayal brahmarishi....

    Thanks a lot Madam. Its the blessings from good souls like you which
    keeps people like me going.

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