Can Anyone Provide Informations : Reg : Pandiyans
  • Hello Members,

    Can Any One Provide Me The Following Tnformations Breifly.

    1. Pandiya Naadu - Rulers (Perarasargal, Sitrarasargal & Kurunila
    Mannargal) Ellaigal, Andai Naadugal(Natpu/Pagai), Years

    2. Akkaala pulavargal, Silappathigaaram thavirtha Matra Nigazvugal(If
    Anything Special)

    3. Capital Of Pandiya Nadu : Madhurai
  • Dear Jagan

    I have attached the list of rulers of Tamil Nadu. The font is TSCu_Inaimathi.

    Please go to the following link. I found it is containing most of the details about
    Tamil and Tamil Nadu. I downloaded the list from this site only.

    Very interesting site and contains good links too.
  • Thank You Mr.Venkatesh Krishnan
    For Your Kind Help.
    Thank Tou Once again.

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