Water Management in Ancient Tamilnadu
  • Dear SPS,

    Water Management is more efficient and better in Thondai Nadu than in Chozha Nadu which was bestowed with ��Vaan Poippinum than Poyyak Kaveri!��

    Since there is no perennial River (Palar was never perennial), the excellent water management is evident from the various Lakes in this part of the country. In fact, chengleput District is called as Yeri Maavattam (Lake District). I don��t think there are so many lakes in other parts of India.

    These lakes should be protected by de-silting. The least possible thing could be done is to remove encroachments!.
  • Dr.Nagasamy, has written a book specifically on Water Management in
    Big Temple.

    I have not got the book. But, the title, itself, indicates the
    importance he has given.

    Still I find earlier Generation, knew more about managing water than


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