British changed the fate of India
  • Infact British changed the fate of India.

    They removed moghuls as early as possible to restore
    the law and order and built united India. This is one
    of the India's blessing against curse.

    The crappy Rajputs were responsible for the defeat of
    Prithvi's against Gori's. Prithvi might have changed
    the India fate or Rajedra Cholan might have. They

    The curse was strong and India faced tumultous times
    until British come and rescue. Otherwise the 10000
    glory never been established as we are talking now.

    This is the historical fact never lies as our
    politicians do.

    They surveyed, put all infrastructure(road, bridges,
    dams, court, post office, law, constitution and many

    They built bridges still serving. Our useless crappy
    PWD constructed 4 way bridge on east coast around 1999
    when I was in Chennai. They tried blast the old bridge
    which was still serving 10 metres next to the new
    bridge. The comedy was the new bridge collaped
    completely but nothing happened to the old bridge.
    It was again serving until new bridge opened.

    They made committee to investicate why the new bridge

    That really made me respecting British.

    Also they made irrication systems in Thanjavur still
    effectively used today.

    Also 80% TN road bridges currently serving are
    constructed before 1920.

    Chennai still using 80% gov buildings are British made
    old buildings.

    So we need to understand pros and cons of British rule
    and regardless of some atrocities they made still
    British rule helped us.
  • Hi Vijay,

    Yes i accept, british gave "infrastructure" for India, but they did this for thier better admin and not for the common men.

    So i don't accept "British changed the fate of India" even our earliers construction are far far better than british buildings, y to go far away " take our RAJARAJESWARAM morethan 1000 yrs old, Take GKC , Kallanai, we can give very big list... and y the first Road given by Shersha( a short term ruler in middle of Mugals) from Delhi to Bengal still in use.

    Pls don't take account of the present PWD building and come to conclusion.

  • Hello Vijay,

    Do not praise Britishers too much. The only good thing they had done to us, is finishing up (and not defeated) Mughal's empire.
  • I am not supporting british rule but comparatively
    moghuls they did better to India in terms of

    1. Immediate ending of moghuls(India relieved from
    tumultous moghul anarchy)
    2. Infrastructure
    3. Administration
    4. United India

    I didn't compare british with our ancient glories.

    Taking the period from 1400 AD to 1947 AD, british
    done their best to India compare to moghuls.

    They also looted but less in comparison with our own
    politicians post independence times.

    So by comparing pros and cons british rule were
    better. If they hadn't arrived here during 1750 AD,
    India might become Islamic nation or chaotic country.
    If british wasn't arrived no historians ever
    established our great history by then and you wouldn't
    talk Chola or Maurya this time.

    By considering historical realities it would be
    appropriate that british changed the fate of India
    with pain as Pakistan permanently.

    See our gov and politicians half the century talking
    about bilateral talks and nothing resolved including
    Kavery water dispute.

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