British Rule : TOLERANCE
  • Friends,

    As far me concern british rule far better the Muslims rule, ofcourse our southindia didn't had much experience in muslims rule, even Muslims (whoever ruled in Muslims) not the real indians, they also came to india to win and rule , as like british did, but to compare the development factors british did much better things, Mugals did only on constructions , even as said in history the golden period also in mugal had lot of problems towards common man, they never looked common man in particular HINDUS.

    As well said by SPS sir, we had great culture , Knowledge, systems in terms of all , particularly in our great RR period, but we failed to show the same to the globe , and we didn't grow with the developing technology , to that we should have had a leader like RR, thats the real prob we had after THE CHOLAS( I MEANS CHOLAS HERE IS RR AND RJ)

    Even i strongly belive we yet to go the level of maturity when our people and rulers had in our CHOLS period.


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