• ettayapuram is a small place.but because of zamin
    there were so many artists lived there. they supported
    musicians and poets. muthusami deetchadar spent his
    last days at ettayapuram. there is his samadhi near
    bus stand. there was one more poet from there.
    umarupulavar.there is his samadhi too.
    regarding bharathiyars house, now maintained as his
    memorial place is his uncles house. in the same street
    he lived in two more houses. once our great sri
    suddanada bharathi avl came tp ettayapuram and stayed
    in one of the two houses. at present in the other
    house the present residant is the sister of popular
    writers..bhaskara thondaiman and pulavar
    ragunathan.present ettayapuram is dry place but hiding
    glorious memories of great people
  • -zamins were great supporters of culture and religion

    ramnad zamin sent vivekanadar to usa for congress of religions.

    MS was supported by the zamins of sivakangai and devakottai

    even today in devakottai during the kandashasti festival ( started
    during the zamin times) for 10days after diwali the best artists in
    culture perform (for a partly crowd.) out of habit .
  • ettayapuram zamindars along with pudukottai raja were always viewed
    as traitors. but because of bharathi sps views it as a place of

    i remmeber in some kavi arangam

    "bharathi was ettayapuram's prayachitham"

  • ettayapuram raja supported GNB.He was samasthana
    rajas birth day means it was like a big festival.
  • That is a great habit to have Mr SPS. But your list does not seem to have
    the soil of my Madurai,sir. If not please add the soil of probably the
    greatest historical city in Tamilnadu (Tanjore folks, we can argue later) to
    your collection.
  • there is marriage sambandam between ramnad rajas
    family and pudukottai family. ramnad rajas daughter
    VIJAYA worked with me .another daughter of raja is
    living at tanjore. venkat,have you heard that there
    may be some 'saabam'in ramnad rajas family. their sons
    died very early. the public viewed this like that. it
    may be rumour.
  • my family is closely linked with the rajah of ramnad family

    the present rajah is a nephew of the previous rajah.

    "castes and colonialism is south india" writes about how bhaskara
    sethupathi of ramnad died an indebted man at the age of 32.

    the sivaganga family also has only a daughter now. madurantaka

    the two families are related by a common relative the zamin of
    singampattis grand daughter( maternal) is the queen of sivaganga
    singampattis sisters son is present ramnad raja

  • sponsorships and art

    ariyakudi ramanujam aiyangar was one sponsered by the devakottai

    and sps member uma just saw the kambar smadhi in naattarasan kottai
    and returned. that soil breeds ilakkiyam i guess. so one more sample
    for your collection

    after jamin's of course later landlords from tanjore district took
    up sponsoring artists.
    then the media took over.
    even if you see today the december festivals would fall flat but for
    sponsorships by the corporates.
  • Hi Venkat,

    Another project for us would be to write a book about
    the royal lineage of Tamilnadu. Where they live today,
    who they are and their present life style.
  • > > I have a peculiar habit of collecting SOIL from my favourite
    > > places: Pazhayarai - Kanchi - Thanjai - Veeranam like the ones.
    > >
    > > I have taken soil from Ettayapuram also. Reminds Patriotism. From
    > > Tuticorin too- becos of Vavusi.
    > >
    > > In such soils, I grow Thulasi and pour water-collected after Puja!
    > >
    > > Nice things to read on Ettayapuram.

    Great! I will start this now. What a way to pay tribute to great souls!

  • -hI

    you will have to remember that only pudukottai was recognized as a
    king. every body else including ramnad, sivaganga are only zamins.
    tanjore lost its right to royalty much earlier

    (the last one is a juicy story- on how a christian tution master
    brainwashed his royal student)

    today everybody calls themselves rajah.
    another group like rajah sir annamalai chettiar and co were given
    rajah titles by the british just like raja ram mohan roy. it had no
    territorial or royal priveleges. but for political reasons they
    projected themselves as kings.

    I think the two royal families with some good pedigree would be
    tanjore - from maratta royalty and the other arcot nawab from the
    prophet himself

  • I think all these Zamindars had some connection to the
    past - might have been chieftians or local rulers
    under the Chera / Chola / Pandian empire ( like our
    Sambuvarayars & Paluvettariars) mostly formed under
    political motivation.

    The lineage of people like Rajah Sir Annamalai
    Chettiar have a different beginning that is within
    recorded history.

    So let us count all these Zamindars & proclaimed Rajas
    as royal lineage as well.

    Any idea what happened to our Sambuvarayars &
    Paluvettariars ? Are they still around ? I read
    somewhere that in recent times, somebody claimed to be
    a descendent of RRC lineage and that appeared in a
    magazine as well. Any pointers ?

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