Krupa Kalyanamee vaibogame...
  • Hi Mr.Krupa..

    Best wishes once again.. I would have loved to be there dear. I am at Hyderabad. I may visit chennai during the week end. I would keep in touch with you then. My Hearty congrats.

    To compensate, I will make it to your marriage. Atleast that time, pl arrange Badam halva (at your cost, not mamanar's... paavam avar). Again, reading 100 times ponniyin selven is not a punishment. It is a blessing in two ways.. U wish one to enjoy something special for 100 times.. and also u wish one to live loooong.

    Take care keep in touch

    I shall slowly try to become more active in the group.

    Krupa Kalyanamee vaibogame..

    Regards to all


    - Mohan
  • Krupa, summa Sivagamiyin sabathathai pazhikkaatheenga. Sivagamiyai
    pazhiththa vathapi nakarukku kadaisiyil enna achu-nu yosichu

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