Beach Meeting on Saturday
  • vanakkam,

    Group member Uma who is in Mumbai will be visiting Chennai on the
    11th, Saturday. She had expressed her desire to meet all of us. Let us
    all meet at the Marina Beach near Gandhi statue at 5 pm.

    I think this is the formal meeting after the launch of PSVP last July.
    So, let us all make it a point to be there, discuss and enjoy
  • Hi,

    Thats a good idea. Ping me around 3PM on that date.
    Can someone tell me where is this statue on the beach
    ? I can park my car nearby.
  • I will be around in Chennai too. Pls. do confirm on timings, I shall try and make it for sure.
  • Hi All,

    Wish the get to gether , all success.

  • Hi Friends,

    As i will be going to Kodai on 2morrow night and will not be joining the same

    Sorry my friends , pls keep going on and mail the meeting details
  • vanakkam,

    Just a reminder that all of us are meeting at the beach tomorrow at 5
    pm. I believe Uma is taking the flight the same night. So, let us
    plan to be there till 7 pm or so.

    Agenda posted by SPS is really good. Let us talk more elaborately
    when we meet in person.
  • Hi Swetha,

    If you can come out with minutes of the meeting after your
    meet,it will be helpful to all of us away from chennai.

  • Hi Swetha:

    I would love to be there but I would be travelling on Saturday and would be back only in the night.

    I will surely miss this meeting.

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