Archaeological Institute of america's Indian Tour
  • Dear uma

    Very interesting as well as a bit painful

    Interesting because we see international interest in archaeological
    riches of South India. Painful because I am yet to see a similar
    archaeological tour with expert guidance ever organized in india
    (atleast to my limited knowledge)

    While american institues are making money my properly projecting
    our riches and heritage, why not us ? No answer !
  • Dear Gokul, SB Sir,

    Did you notice the cost for this trip? somewhere around 3.50 lacs out
    of which more than 80% would go towards hotel and transportation. The
    local tour guides they have mentioned may get some small tips. I hope
    they select good guides locally. The entry tickets that are charged to
    visitors ( from local tourists as well) is hardly anything. What would
    go towards maintenance of these heritage places is almost nothing.
    What is the answer? How do we ensure that these heritage places are
    available as tourist attractions in the next 100 years atleast.

    There is no meaning in bashing up the Government for everything. We
    can do something.

    As SB Sir has pointed out, it is time we discuss action-plans in this
    group / PSVP group.
  • >
    > There is no meaning in bashing up the Government for everything. We
    > can do something.

    I hardly come across individuals who can atleast think such a
    thought.Uma - this step, this very step is the first step in the right

    I'll look forward to more developments in Feb
  • Dear All
    Gokul has actually taken the words out of my mouth
    Yes we have had lull in the PSVP due to various calamities and disasters

    So may be we can take things forward now

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