Dance Drama of Ponniyin selvan
  • Dear all
    A warm welcome to the 17 new members...We are approaching 800 mark

    A interesting concept from Sandya Raman one of the new members about doing a bhrathanatyam rendition of PS...That would be marvellous....

    Kalki would be proud of you Sandya but are you planning to do the whole story or just experts...

    If its the later there are set scenes you may want to consider...

    Sivan peritha perumaal peritha arguements of alvarkadiyan vs sivanadiyaar

    Sundara cholars donations to sivan

    Kundavai and Vandiya devans misshappened meetings and final meeting

    Poonguzhali charector

    Let me think I havent had any sleep last night

    Any more suggestionswelcome

  • Hi,
    Member Uma is also a bharatnatyam dancer, may be few hands can
    collaborate and decide the action.
  • if it is kundavai vandhiyadevan scenes.... ennoda ottai kaiyya
    vaichikinu dialogues ezhudharadhukku naan ready.... vandhiyadevan ai
    kaimaaa panniduven....aaha ninaikumbothey gilmaavaa irukku...

    dancedrama kku "saapaaturaman" nnu venumnaa title kudukkalaamaa???
  • Dhiwakar,

    Nice to read your thanglish again.

    HOw are you keeping?

    Marriage velai ellam eppadi poyittirukku?

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