Return of kalakkal Krupa
  • Dear Krupa
    its great to have you back hope you have recovered completedly
  • Dear Krupa,

    Welcome back. Good to see you again. Hows your health now? Sorry
    Could not call you all along.

    You are back and our Dhiwakar is out....meaning he met with an
    accident last week and his shoulder ligament is torn. Sorry to hear
    Wish him a speedy recovery. And, his house is also flooded...

    Friends, hope all are ok amidst this rains..Every peice of land in
    TN is an island now...hope situation will get better soon.
  • I am extremly sorry to hear Diwakar is injured in an

    I wish him speedy recovery.

  • Krupa...

    Welcome back to "Nayyaandi Darbaar"...
  • Come back fast Diwakar. Niraiya Mazhai jokes, hospital jokes padikka

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