Contributors to the Big Temple Site
  • Dear all
    Thanks Chandra, Seenu and Amar for your input

    Can I have volunteers for contribution,Editing, Proof Readeing and graphics editors for the Site

    Can you please write a brief note on your capabilities and commitment to contribute as we will have time deadlines to be met

    BTW how is Krupa still unwell?whats wrong with him
  • Sridhar Saar,

    I can do the proof reading and other such tasks.
  • Dear Sri

    Pls add me for proof reading
  • Dear Sri:

    I would like to contribute with some information for the site and probably some good ideas. I work for Satyam Computer Services and Iam a business analyst. I have been in the software field for about 7+ years now :-)

    Hope this information is good enough.
  • Sri,
    I'd started translating in tamil for the "Temple Architecture" Link and half way through. I find very hard getting time. I told some of my frnds to do some Flash work for the home page.
    I work for Covansys and have around 5 years exp in S/W Field and have some expr in building Web Pages using ASP and .NET. (But not in Grafics...)
    Also, I live next to Krupa's house. I'll check hoz he...
  • Dear Mr. Sri,
    You may please include myself for valunteering.
    At this moment, I could contribute in Editing & Proof reading, Also in script writing ( as I usually exposed to ).
  • Sri,

    I completed translating for the page

    Menu: Temple architecture / Introduction. Check the attachment...

    Kindly check this and reply with your comments.

    Also, I went to see Krupa yesterday. Fever-z over...Hez slowly recovering...
  • Dear Seenu
    Chandra has done a few pages translation as well
    I ll request you all to hold translation for now Till we get the correct content sorted.

    Feel Free to translate page on RRC , Frescos, Books, Links, Meikeerthi etc...
    The architecture one needs tidying up Like wise Visiting Thanjavur need tidying up as well

    Vijay...Could you please underline the Hyperlinks please

    Sorry for the dealy in replying this week will be hectic as I am coverting Intesive care from 800-2000 hrs everyday
  • Hi Sri:

    Got a good pic of the Periya Kovil apart from that read up on an article on chennaionline about the periya kovil.

    One of the interesting facts that were mentioned there "One noticeable figure is that of a foreigner who was there at that time and has contributed to the work"

    A Foreigner? Any idea on who it was?
  • Hi,

    Would be interested in this.

    I have a little bit of proficiency in writing articles.
  • Dear Narayan
    there are plenty of pics on the web however we need toi be careful of using them
    We can hyperlink them ofcourse
  • Dear Sri:

    I picked up this picture from a blog I came across on the no worries on using this picture..

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