Alaikadalum oiynthirukka...
  • Dear all...

    Yes, I felt the same too. They could have chosen a nicer tune. It was so
    long ago, though:-)-I'd almost forgotten it until Dr. Sridhar mentioned it.

    You know, this particular song of Poonghuzhali's appears both as a happy and
    sorrowful tune. There are raagaas for both moods... or you could use one
    single tune for both (remember the 'PoraalE ponnuthaayee...' tune in
    Karuthammaa? Sounds good in both)

    And the same applies to Manimegalai's songs too- would a naattupura mettu be
    suitable for them? (or would a 'raagamaligai' help?)

    Even the pathiganggal in PS...they could be tuned too...right?'re the expert. What do you say?

    Any other music-savvy people here?:-)
  • Hi pavithra,

    I haven't heard the versions you guys are talking abt., so itz
    hard for me to comment.

    However, I have heard a kalki's master-piece sung by the one and
    only MS, "poonguyil koovum poonjOlaiyil oru naaL". It has been
    tuned wonderfully well (most part is in Kapi, if I remember
    right). the same can be said abt. "vaNdaadum sOlaithanilE" (in
    HarikambhOji) and " KandadhuNdO kaNnan pOlE" (in Misra Mand).

    I will talk to the right people asap and come up with tunes

    The silap pathigaara paadal (which is mentioned in PS when VD
    meets Kundavai, remember he saya, 'kanjanaar vanjam' saved him?) ,
    'vada varaiyai maththaakki' is already tuned very well and has
    been sung by the Legendary MS.

    the famous appar pathigam in Sivakamiyin Sabatham, "naamaaRkum
    kudiyallOm" is also tuned very well. I have heard Guruji Haridas
    Giri sing that sing with great 'veera bhavam'.

    hehe paattunu vanthaa konjam ippadithaan bore adippEn;-) adjust


    Ramachandran Mahadevan,
    Research Assistant,
    Washington State University,
    H-113,1920NE Terre View Dr,
  • Innum onnu,
    Poonguzhali samudra iraichalukku madhiyila indha paattai paadara. (ok alai kadalum oyindirukkakku venna alai osai illaynnu vechikkalam aana other song Alai kadal kondalikkayile nichayama nalla idiyum mazhaiyum irukkarache paadarathu. athu vandhu nalla gannernnu sathama irunda thaan nalla irukkumnu enakku thonarathu.
    'kandadhundo kannan pol' raagam kuda nalla irukkum ana adhu inda songkku poruthama irukkumannu teriyalai.
  • yes pavithra
    but TK Kala was singing agakadalthan ponguvaden not kalipadumen..
    please drop the Dr

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