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  • Hi,

    Another personal mail, unrelated to the contents &
    objectives of the group

    MA Eswaran

    >Message: 11
    Date: Mon, 14 Nov 2005 12:16:20 -0000
  • Dear Mr.Eswaran,

    I dont know who you are and am not interested as well. But there is a
    limit for things. If I start pulling out all the mails which deviate
    from guidelines given, ALL the participants I mean ALL will be pin
    pointed. A group is not a class room to be commanded by a teacher. I
    think you are fresh out of school and still thinking of the "Yes
    Miss" "No Miss" culture. Better chage your attitude.

    Most of the regular participants in this group know each other
    personally as we have met during our trips. So personal interactions
    are inevitable. I think this month has recorded the least number of
    mail in PS history. Thats only due to the moral policing by people like
    you. We dont just learn. We learn with Fun. Though many jolly mails
    were floated they were ladden with information. Most of them.

    Why did you point only this mail. What about the following mail?
    Congrats, vazhthukkalnu ellam varndhirukkume...


  • Well said, Satish.

    This much of hard restrictions and rude criticism is highly
    ridiculous. I think this is beyond the tolerence level.

    Attitude change is absolutely required. Even, I want to know if
    Mr.Easwaran is fresh out of school.
  • I wanted to refrain myself from involving in this entangle. However,
    situation forces me the other way.
    I really wonder whether this is some sort of military regiment or what. Even
    in military, you have the domain of personal life, entertainments etc.,
    notwithstanding the official duty/service.

    Let us take the cue from PS itself. Vandiyathevan is the character which is
    beloved by everybody because of his funny activities, comedies alongwith
    execution of orders of AK, kundhavai, rrc etc., I wonder if Vandiyathevan is
    portrayed like robot whether we all would have liked him and PS would have
    been such a hit.

    I am not here to hurt anybody personally. Let us have some ��COMMON SENSE��
    and move forward.
  • Moderator Sir.... doctor sir... enge irukkeenga???? idhellaam
    gavanikka maateengalaaa????

    what is the crime?? sharing a good moment with all the group

    thanks sir... good reward for sharing a happy moment of my
  • Mr.Easwaran,

    We all are educated , we know what type of mail are being sent,particularly this case is sharing a marriage news , will never ever come under u r so called "objectives" . and more there r peoples like Sri, SPS, gokul and many who has better vision on groups objective and all, let them tell.

    and as well said by satish many of our group member meet in trip and even many maintaining a very good friendship , this is really good .

    By sending a marriage invitation in our group , i don't think we are away from the objectives.

  • vanakkam,

    First of all, congrats to Dhiwaker. ungaloda nalla neram, antha
    pennoda ketta neram :-)

    I agree with Satish. Sharing messages is inevitable, as we know each
    other personally. Sometimes we do go overboard. I accept that and
    even am guilty of it. But, this being a public forum, there is no
    way to keep it out.

    Please read through the messages that have been flowing in the past
    few months. Look at the range of topics we have covered. The various
    angles we have given to the PS scenarios. Go through the mails where
    people have defended/attacked Nandhini, Poongkuazhali, Vandiyath
    Devan and Kundhavai.

    We have shared so much. And of course, we have had our share of fun.
    And I firmly believe, we are entitled to have our own fun here. ithu
    enga veedungra urimai engalukku irukku.

    This is not the first time a person is sharing some personal news on
    the forum. So many members have done it earlier.

    Am wondering whether it is functioning at all, given the traffic in
    the group presently.

    Am really saddened by these developments. Let me say, it is not at
    all healthy.

  • This is tooooooo much.....

  • Sundar I am not sure what you meant tooooooooo much.

    Ofcourse Eswaran can tell his view in this forum.

    We have to give our response in cool way as SPS said
    "salt in the meal" not "like a needle in the banana".

    Goods news, bad news are just sharing a personal joy
    or emotion to us. Nothing problem in it.

    Eswaran probably compared Diwakar's good news with
    some other personal mails such as "when you are
    going", "what you are doing" mails not related to the
  • Vijay
    I didnt want to write an eloborate mail on this, as others have already done that. I just wanted ro air my view in a nut shell. What is the harm in this?
    I just meant that, decrying personal mails is getting too far as this a happy occasion to be shared by all the members. There has been mails regarding members getting blessed with child and followed by good wishes. Then why pick on this mail?
    Nothing personal...
  • Dear Easwaran
    I think this is inappropriate...
    The group is like a family We all share our happy and sad moments
    I agree we do sometimes drift into unwanted mails and Junk as I have pointed out...

    Who do you share your moments with faceless freinds yu meet on the Net...It takes something to tell a faceless stranger You have hada child..You have lost your dad...or you are getting married

    It tells him or her That You are their fried and sharing a moment of their life with you
  • Dear diwakar
    I am very sorry I have been a bit busy last week hence The delay
    All I can do is apologise on behalf of our group If you are hurt ...This group is becoming like a family and I dont see any reason not to share your good and bad times with the rest

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