Announcing the Arrival of the Big
  • Dear All

    It gives me great pleasure in announcing the inaguaration of the Big temple .com on behalf of the Web team of Big temple

    We decided to go on live toaday because its Sadayam and We will build from here.I would request our members to limit information on this site to ourselves till the weekend when we will have all the menu complete.

    We plan to update it one a monthly basis with featured articles and invited commentaries and travelloques.

    We also plan to have a feature called Stories in Stone (aka Karungalil oru Kaviyam of Gokul) and focus on one sculpture like wise the paintings once we have permission from the ASI

    I would request one of you to do a write up on Sadaya Vizha with links to media articles.

    The rest of the links are ready its just Vijay didnt have time to upload them this morning He was up till 2.00 am and will do them this pm.

    We wanted to go live today in the forenoon (with the ascend of sun) and before rahukalam.

    It was a great blessing to open the computer and who stars at us The Periyavudayar himself blessing us to go ahead (thats what I felt and so did Vijay)

    Hope you Like it

    It will be complete by the weekend

    Please keep this to yourself till we get it complete

    Thank you


    (on behalf of the Web Team)
  • Dear Seenu
    Thats the next step
    We would need volunteers to work on that and traslate the contents to tamil or write original stuff in tamil
    Second Did you not offer to do graphics design can you create an image of the temple using the one on the home page with a day backdrop

    essentilly to give the feel of gold laden big temple
  • sirs...

    if u do gold laden big temple.. it might resemble "golden temple" at
    amritsar.... point puriyaama poidum....

    solradhai sollitten.. appuram unga ishtam...
  • I can also offer my time to convert any English article in Tamil and
    present them in unicode8, which is easier for anyone to read. Web
    managers, can send the text to my email ID [email protected],
    periodically and also mention when they wanted it.
  • Dear Chandra
    Thats very nice
    If you could start on the current pages then We can have it as a bilingual site and take things from There
    What do you think is the time frame you will need for that
  • Dear All
    The pages on Frescos,Meikeerthi and time line and new page on RRC are now live

    More to follow
    The links
    Editorial and books
    How to get there
    Myths and Legends
    Big Temple the World Heritage Site
  • Big

    That is a great beining.

    Congrats to all the team member.

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